Once again, the tournament medal system is broken

I’ve decided I’ll keep creating these threads until this changes or we get some clarification on the subject… I think it’s my fourth or fith thread about it and I’ve got nothing so far…

I’ve won against players on top 10, even top 5 when I was way behind them and got 20 to 25 medals… Just as I’ve lost 35 to 40 medals to some in defeats… But also won against some poor souls 100-200 medals behind me and got 40 from them…

So for the hundreth time, What’s the deal with this system? Sure it can happen in your favor just as it can happen against you, but it’s really not cool that your tournament has some people on the top randomly winning 40 and losing 20 from players way behind them… Not to take the merit from them. That still needs a lot of grinding. But it screws up with the credibility of the tourney.

I’m tired of being polite about this. Honestly, if you don’t have the competence to make a proper adaptable system, it would be best to just change back to +30 and -30…


Honestly i liked It more when It was the +30 -30 system. Besides, i think the score should work just like the seasonal tournaments. Having your highest score being your official position. That way we could have more fun in the tournament.

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I want to know why my PvP battle points reset on the first of the month!

I was at 5529 points for a high score this “season”, and around February 1st, it reset to a lower number and I am now at 5457. I didn’t get to collect my rewards, but I have lost out on the tier I earned by playing all month. I spoke with another friend who plays and he had the same thing happen. I hope this is addressed before the “season” ends and a bunch of us don’t get the rewards we earned.

This happened to everyone I think. It got back to the high score we had last season. Also the reward shown changed from Stygi back to Arambo.

That says something about the competence I’ve mentioned on making these systems…


I hadn’t seen anything about this on the forums, but I went digging and found this. Seems like they are looking into it.

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They don’t want to tell you why they do this, but it is on purpose.

They artificially keep your score higher than you deserve so that the most advanced players have more opponents to play against. This is also why you play your first few matches against people who have a maximum score that is hundreds of points higher than you. They need whale food and you’re it.

The side benefit (for them) is also that you “feel” weaker and are then subconsciously driven to purchase more boosts. It’s dirty pool from a company that specializes in slot machine games and knows how to get you to take your wallet out… but they lose that power once you realize what they’re up to.


I agree. The current medal system is crap. 30/30 is looking good about now.


Yeah but I’m talking about the tournaments here. The main arena have been screwed for a long time now and boosts were the death of it… But at least in skill tourneys we should have things done right

Well, probably won’t get any explanation about it again. Maybe it’s asking too much to look into this since they can’t even make the season and tourney rewards right…

There should be a SET value for every single player in a tournament, win 30 lose 30 (or some other number but both the same) that way you need to consistently win more than you lose to go higher, which makes sense since its about the best fighter.

Some players may have less fights than another player, but if they were lucky to be getting +40 for most of their wins, they will progress further than someone with slightly more wins, but who was earning +20 or 30.

@Ludia_Developers What is the reasoning for even having different values to begin with? Especially in tournaments where boosts are disabled and everyone is set to level 26, makes zero sense to give different values to different players when they both won a match!