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Once again.. winning 10, losing 50

The title says it all. Ive been winning 10 trophies whenever I win. Mostly 3-1. But then when I lose clearly against a player that had boosted stats and was better than mine, I lose 50. How? How am I supposed to progress. I did just fine yesterday and the day before, it seems as of today, Ive been going downhill in trophies. I still win more than I lose but I ONLY win 10.

Yeah alot of people are facing this right now i lost 4 for -200 won 6 for +60
Its all a bit messy right now…

I just played another match. I won but barely. Could have gone either way. I won 3-2. Won only 10 trophies. Ridiculous.

I’ve dropped 400 trophys tonight by losing 35-50 at a time but when I win get 10-or 12 it sucks big time

I’ve won 10 games got +100 almost all 10 games were 3-0 sweeps. I Don’t mind free easy wins for only +10 if they’re basically guaranteed wins

Same thing with me as well. It started today so I’m only doing what I need to do for incubators and the 10 dead dinos. It makes absolutely no sense. I was hoping the maintenance was going to fix it, but then they postponed that. SMH


Problem is some arent easy wins. I’ll take the for easy wins. But some are 3-2 and nowhere near an easy win and I get only 10. Then I lose by getting outplayed and clearly opponent’s team has more boosts at or just above my team level, and I lose 50.

I’m glad you are better than most. I usually try to bypass your comments because, well its you. Why do you throw your bragging responses in on threads that they clearly aren’t relevant in?


Well clealry my response is relevant. This thread is literally titled about winning +10 trophies. And thats exactly what i posted about. But as for the rest of your irrelevant post to this topic… not necessarily bragging. Just throwing the fact out there, that all these +10 games people are talking about, don’t always have to be negative. Simple as that. It’s only negative if you think it is

Look at it from a better perspective and be more optimistic. Helps your perception on the game. Many on this forum need to try it out. :man_shrugging:

Especially since with all that’s going on, and the honestly pretty bad state of the game… hope and optimism is all we have right now :joy:

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This is cause of new matchmaking system when players between 4300 and 9000 trophies can meet. That’s why there are so many matches where players only win 10 and lose 50 trophies.

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No it isn’t. It was already like this for a couple of weeks. It is what AP was boycotting about. It was actually worse. Like 1 point for a win and 59 for a lose.

On the bright side, immediately after 1.7 was released I went 4 wins and 27 losses, although many losses were connection issues. But of the 4 wins, exactly 3 were for just 1 trophy. I also remember losing 56 a couple times.

Went from 5300 to under 4500. That was before Boosts too, lol.


That was a nice response and yes I’m super aggravated by the game I’ve devoted so much to right now. I apologize for snapping, at the time boosts were available in store I thought there is no way this can be good for the game at all. Losing 90% of the time will test one’s optimism.

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I didnt think they would be a good thing either. Matter of fact, i still dont think theyre a good thing. But for the simple fact that I knew I would have to buy them to keep up at the top of leaderbaord or be left behind, i bought them. A bunch of them :joy: don’t really regret it at all. But that being said, I don’t like it and hope something is changed

Sounds like Ludia and their Common Core math capabilities

Double edge sword for sure. I passed at the time and don’t regret it. It’s insane the huge amount of difference between not only trophy count, but the overall attitude of those that have been winning vs losing the past week and a half or so.

Fair point. But anybody that knowingly and willingly passed up the opportunity to buy boosts has no reason to be upset about losing. With the implications that everyone knew boosts would have, we knew boosts would be the winning ticket. Purposely not getting them, then being mad you can’t win makes 0 sense

That’s like going to Disney and someone buys the fast pass ticket to the front of the line on every ride and u didn’t. Yet u still are mad that u don’t get on the ride before them.

Still hope they’re changed. Not sure how this will happen or what possible solutions there even are beyond full refunds and to start from scratch. But that seems like it would take an insane amount of time and that’s not feasible with the current unrest the community is in