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Once again.. winning 10, losing 50


Back to being you when I was just trying to be optimistic. The boosts that were for sale in market were supposed to be limited and for those that thought wow I can buy as many as I think will win me the most should have thought better. Sorry to the OP for derailing…

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And no, not even close to being a comparison.

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The answer to the original question is lower level boosted dinos. I’m in the same boat and obviously ticked. We should have exploited while we had the chance, kidding…

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Yeah it started with 1.7 and was even worse at start until they changed it to 10-50. When they changed to open category matches for only 10 trophies became more frequent.


I’ve gone from 5200 pre 1.7 down to struggling to hang around 4300. Between the ridiculous trophies and the boosters I’m about ready to throw in the towel. If they don’t do something soon I’ll just uninstall. It’s not worth the aggravation.

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I think the issue is slightly more complicated and the comparison needs to be this way…
alliance rush winners did nothing wrong technically the used a feature to stomp people,
Over buying boosts is no different especially when bought via the tier 3 method,
I agree the easy 10’s are nice when you get matched against someone who didnt realise they could buy that many or who missed out,
but is it ok to stomp over people because we took advantage of a glitch or had an opportunity they didnt,
Everyone moaned about the alliance rush winners and they said its match making thats the problem and we shouldnt have been allowed to do it, its ludia’s fault…
(The same as everyone’s saying now)

The same people that complained about them are the same ones that over bought boosts and stomped people…no difference. But its ok when it benefits us…

Im just as bad so not taking the high ground i just dont think the easy 10’s are any better than what they did…
So it leaves us in a situation where if anything like that happens again we cant complain im surprised they have come on to gloat…


No!! I’m losing 10, gaining 50!? Like, what!? Now I’m losing 30, gaining 30. I’m still playing in 1.7.27!?