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Once upon a time

Once upon a time an exciting new game was released by a company called was a brilliant idea where people of all ages could catch dinosaurs by using buses cars walking cycling around chasing there fav creatures,while using a super cool drone system to dart dor the dinos DNA and when a player spent an eternity catching many different dinosaurs and fusing them together were able to create an amazing new super powerful hybrid “thoradolosor” little Johnny had worked soo tirelessly to get this Amazing dino was buzzing and proud of all his hard work.he was so excited he rang his best to tell him what he had done and little johnny’s best friend replied, "well my rich Daddy just bought me one in the ludia SHOP Little Johnny want very happy !!!


I absolutely love that story!

Those were the days huh?

When we went out and spent hours and hours hunting dinos so we could build them up to fuse for better dinos.
It was months and months before I got my first unique Dino and I was so made up about it.

I understand it’s not so easy now with Covid but Giga scents have more than compensated for that.
But buying a unique and the single most annoying one at that… it just takes it to a new level of pay to win.

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exacty when my son Coedy introduced me to the game i was hooked! we went every where parks town centres night hunting it was awesome meeting other dads with there kids chatting comparing dino decks,then the look on his little face when he unlocked his first unique “erlidom” you cant buy THEM moments i remember on fuses him shouting 90 90 gimme a 90 and then grrrr a 10! lol don’t worry som we will look for some more erliks 3 hours later 80 80 gimme 80 damn a 20 haha then,The moment it happens OMG Dad ive unlocked erlidom you cant but THAT feeling. i understand Lidia need to make money as do all businesses! or there would be non game to play but this sale will bring so much misery i think with low level players buying arguably the best dino in the game and running riot in low arenas esp as shop sells boosts to lidia need to balance sales and customer happiness and personally i think this sale was a bad move . anyway all the best n thanks for your reply cheers Andy


This week you can go from having no thor to having a level 22 one without even having tarbosaur unlocked

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and boost it to oblivion !!

Buying it in lower arenas will ruin the game experience. Sure, shredding through first few dozens of teams could be enjoyable, but then, two arenas higher, winning would strictly depend on draw.
Thor - battle won 3-0. No Thor - battle lost 3-0. No fun at all.
It’s great dino, but better unlock it when rest of team is at comparable strength.