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One boost per dino per week....what happened?!

I could have sworn when I first read about the new boosts coming out, the information stated that each player could choose one boost per dino per week. I actually thought that was a great idea! Those players at the top that spend megabucks on the game can still choose to spend it, but up all dino’s each week instead of ploughing loads of boosts into Thor, Draco, Tryko, Magna, Erlid etc…

However, for everyone playing, the arena would be so much more fun! Everyone could only grow at the same rate (unless of course you have a higher level creature in which case eventually, you’d be better than your opponent - 30 weeks down the line, like…)

Why did they change it? From what I’ve seen so far in the arena, I’ve faced a player 700 places above me, with a mega boosted team - that barely looks any different to how it was before! And I’ve played some players below me by a tiny bit who are still deciding where to spend their boosts.

If we could all only use one per dino, per week - it would be so much more even playing field. We’d all bang one boost into each dino, and go for it. If our Erli came up against a faster one, we’d just accept that maybe putting our first boost into it’s health wasn’t the best idea…

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it was to earn a stat boost per week. you can place as many as you have, but the earning rate is lower. That also doesn’t include any sales in the shop.

One DBI per day = 12 x 7 = 84 per week
One 15-min incubator per day = 3 x 7 = 21 per week
One Strike Tower = 25 per week

That’s 130 per week. Actually ends up being better than 5 Boosts per month.

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130/3 is only 43+ per stat so you really can only boost 1 Dino stat every 2.5 weeks not every week.

With boosts in the 3hr and 8 hr incs you should be earning more then 130 a week now… there is the fact that those boosts are subject to rng.

Actually its 4x7= 28 per stat. One 25 mission so you get 53 of one stat, 28 of other 2. 53 + 28×2 = 109 total SBPs a week. That’s what they said you would get. Not boosting all 3 stats at once per week.

Now in 3 weeks you will have 28x3=84 of each plus 3 strikes of 25 each for 84+25= 109 of each every 3 weeks. That’s 3 tiers every 3 weeks. 1 tier per week avg.

This also doesn’t include the 15 min incubator which could add 5x easy each week with a little battling. Plus the mention they will have more events and enhanced drops that will give more than the 1 per week like they said but for right now they said 1 tier worth of SBP a week (100) and they are giving is 102 to 109 per week.