One day for Epics! Grrrr!

Ludia, please for the love of god, can you change your calendar to give us 2 days to catch the epics and although we are thankful for all the extra legendary and unique DNA you’re giving us, stick them two together on the last day? 24 hours to catch 9 of the most useful Epic DNA on a Friday when a lot of people are at work is a tall ask! I’ll have to be out tonight in the early hours to catch this lot.


Especially when there is no green supply drop


exactly, I had too walk 100 meter just to get to a green one, but it was sono so all good

Yip, this ^

In my circle, I have 10 drops, 0 of which are green and of all the ones I can see, there’s between 30-40 supply drops, only 2 of them are green. What the fluff even is that?!?!

Since the update the distribution of the event drops has been appalling

Must admit my split not this bad on free-to-play, maybe 25% green. Bigger issue I’m having is the gap between respawns on days I’m not out & about.