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One epic day


Today I had some business to take care of in Portland OR. Which is about 45 min from where I live. On my journey I found 4 T-rexs
3 anklyosaurus, 2 baryonix, a Raja that was out of reach, and I was almost home and found these 2 …


I found a decent amount of epics today too. Postimetrodon, 2 Sinoceratops, 4 or 5 T-Rex, 2 Nodopatosaurus, Pyroraptor. And there was another T-Rex on my way home but the map reloaded and did that sunset thing as I was approaching, and it turned into a Baryonyx instead. I’ll take it.


Yeah and I forgot to add 2 koolas that were in close proximity of each other.


Nice, grats.