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One epic scent = one concavenator


I think that ludia could guarantee a little bit more than 1 epic dino for a scent which costs 1000 hard cash. All my other spawns were majungas. I am speechless, I am done. This game is no fun.


I recently bought my first epic scent as well. I count myself lucky as I got 2 epic dinos and only 1 was a concavenator.

From now on, I’m sticking to rare scents.

As for brainstorming solutions: They can keep the “Only 1 epic guaranteed” stuff, but I think it should ALSO guarantee 4 rares. That way you couldn’t be drowned in majungas as though it were some common scent.

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It all has to do with luck I’ve done few scents that ive only got one epic on, way more that I’ve got 3+ per scent
Even with only getting one epic off of the scent it adds up to way more frags then spwnding the same amount of cash on incubators I’d take 4 single epics from 4 separate scents but it is unlikely that you will only get one per scent
I also find keeping moving or maybe doing the scent on borders of zones to gives better odds for epics imo cause your not chancing only epics from one zone
My favorite place to pop scents is a road that borders a park and a zone split in the regular area

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Basically scents are a waste of cash don’t buy any.


Unlucky. My last Epic from a couple days ago got me 5 Sino, T-Rex, and Bary. It was a freebie though.


Did you drop it at night time?


I used an Epic last night: 1 Seco, 4 Ourano, 1 Dracorex, 2 Tenonto.
I’ve never bought a Scent and thought, “wow, that wasn’t worth it.”



Don’t buy epic scents.

Rare? Meh… if walking they can provide more than one rare as they did for me last night, first time I ever saw that!

They are usually just 1 of.


I never spend cash on scents…i save all my hard cash till they have a good coins offer and “buy” all the coins i can


Why people bother buying epic scent capsules is beyond me.


My last epic scent got 3 ourano, a secodonto, a spino g2, 2 draco, 2 kapro, and 2 tenonto. And like 8 random commons. Pretty good. But weve all had those terribles ones. That’s for sure


I disagree. Marktheshark bought 30 to 35 and gaindd enough golden chicken to get a level 30 erlidom. If used correctly you can gain some serious DNA.

The player 4 posts up gained 4 ourano. Thats 800 DNA at least towards green chicken which is far more than an epic incubator worth 5k cash


For people who are ready to spend money on this game, scents are one of the fastest way to level up your dinos/gain an extra edge to move up in the game!!

eg:- Paid Incubators vs Scents

  • One can buy limited incubators. Scents, you can buy unlimited.

  • 1 Epic Incubator cost = 5000 cash/397 Epic DNA.
    vs 1 Epic Scent cost = 1000 cash/ 150 - 800 DNA based on luck - how many epics spawn (Assuming you are level 20 VIP)

  • Scents are definitely luck based, but can be optimized to find what you need by using them in correct local at the right time. Eg:- Getting Kentro, Erliko without having an event/incubator being sold.

Lastly, for people who already are spending lot of dough buying offers, there is high chance they have enough cash/coins and only need more DNA to level up.


That scent sounds totally worth it 4 ourano I’m one scent is good that amount of epic dna makes it way better then a gold incubator at a cheap price

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Definitely. I’ve always had much better luck getting plentiful, useful epics from Scents than any incubator I’ve ever gotten.


I set one off walking the farm and received 1 Kentra. Rest majungs. Feel your pain!

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I agree, I’ve definitely thrown away money on epic scents and have only gotten 1 epic, meanwhile with a rare scent I’ve gotten up to 2 epics. Not every time, obviously, but the epic and rare scents are basically the same in my eyes.
The scents in general are such a waste of money. The common one is absolute garbage.

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I only buy common and use them at night I’d prefer in a park but most of the time i have to use it in zone 2. They provide a lot of velicoraptor and tarbosaurus dna some days.

I sometimes get epic spawns from the commons and that makes me happy. But what i dislike about the commons is they have the same name as the free scent capsules from the supply drops so now i stopped buying until i can get the two free ones first. (One from the orange and one from the green supply drop.)


I actually got a rare scent capsule today from one of those scent strike stops, was pleasantly surprised. I thought those only handed out common scents.
There’s usually a lot of Tarbo and velo around my house, thankfully bc you need a lot of dna for all those hybrids, so I don’t mind.


I got one lousy concavenator from an epic scent today too. Feels bad man.

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