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One for the mods

Closing topics that do not violate rules or merging them with irrelevant topics that have over 1,000 entries, will not negate the fact that the game, in its current state, is totally unplayable and worthless!


Agreed. I want to create good topics to spread love but they keep getting merged with some irrelevant thread.


Yeah had long response wrote up for that thread… then it got lost in the garbage heap thread.


Post removed as flagged originally because it auto-corrected “devs” to… something else… but then got cleared by mods… by which time I’d posted the same again below but edited :sweat_smile:

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What I want to know, which is something @GorillaGlue is also strongly pressing for is…

Why in EARTH do Ludia not have devs who work weekend shifts? A company that size - are you joking?!

And even if they don’t as standard have devs working weekends, they should have them on standby after each update at very least. Because (as they know better than anyone) updates don’t roll-out as planned! There are always issues. Even with the best laid plans.

And when a crucial new part of that game ends on a Sunday… I mean COME ON it’s basic business to have that covered!

They should be on a P1 call RIGHT NOW sorting out this utter mess.

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And… let’s face it. As we all know… they flipping did for the unlimited coin drop issue…!!! PRIORITIES


Very surprising. Especially with something like this damaging the tournament credibility, the game and the company credibility. If I am not mistaken they have already been asked if we should continue battling and we have no response. Yet there has really been nothing else for them to read or moderate other than this issue for the last 17 hours. You would assume dev’s or someone at the company has been advised of this issue. I guess no one wants to make a decision there.

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Merging into irrelevant threads is almost as irritating as the continual randomly, hidden for no reason post.
“Your post has been hidden until reviewed.”

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more irritating than irritator?


Much Moar.


This is exactly what i was writing when the original thread was moved into the 1000 comment thread covers 100 different topics that is somehow easier for the devs to read.

They just launched a patch the broke multiple parts of their game… on top of that their running a tournament effected by one of these broken parts. Lets not forgot they have a patch which is most likely finished and might fix some of these issues. But their waiting to next week to patch incase they make the game worse over the weekend.

Why on earth do they have the weekend off?
No other game developer that im aware of does this… especially while an event is running.

You can bet if the shop was broken and we couldn’t make purchases they would have devs in the until it was fixed.