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One good thing about the tournament

Shows us the difference between current mm results

And old


Please revert mm.

Nothing is good. It is nothing but a Dracocera showcase. No variety mixed with no skill and strategy. The perfect cocktail to avoid


Top 1000 is filled with lvl 27-30 monsters. I’ll be lucky to be in top 1000 and its crappy reward.


I’ve run into 2 Draco already that did over 4k on swap in as well.

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This tournament is just more of the insanity that is Arena, I honestly cant tell what the actual point was. I look forward to these tournaments because I actually enjoy getting to use some of the epics and such I dont usually because I was too high up when I unlocked them and cant sink the resources to level them, and above all the tournaments show what this game COULD be; fun, unlike arena. So this? This is just another shot in the gut from Ludia. They’re determined to ruin everything.