One GREAT REASON for Daily & Event Limits


This may seem weird since I just posted a topic today complaining about the daily coin limits, but as I thought about it, I came up with ONE AMAZING REASON why those limits are actually positive:
NO GUILT when you stop playing, because you have finished the event and reached your coin limits!
And no sense of lost opportunity cost, because you know that you got the most out of the game you possibly could! :grin:


That’s a good way of looking into it :smiley:
There are many more reasons of restricting the limits some of which I would like to point:

  • Keeping the level gap between players as minimum as possible: Imagine if there was no limit/higher limit, people who would spoof/play whole day will be at a completely different level than casual players. Matchmaking would be difficult between players based on the huge gap.
  • Taking a long time to reach end-game/continue the effort required: With the limited dinosaurs/variations, the only reason reaching end game taking time is the coin limitation since evolution/fusing all take coins.
  • Business strategy: Would you buy coins with real money (that too at such high price) if you could get them free and easily? :wink: