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I think it would be a great adition to this game. I had a blast in poke go with the gims although cheaters took over them cause of developer lack of support on the game.
It would develop the local Dino comunities making it a little more team play.
People would level up all dinos so to leave some to protect the gims, so more dinos, more fun
More powerfull dinos, more gims u can defend = more rewards
I think it would be a great adittion to this game!
Hope u guys like the idea and help me push it trhough!!!
Comment plz, leave ideas, improvements to the original idea, so maybe ludia can make it happen

Thx guys

Not sure as I never played Poke Go but I would like the idea of places you can go to to meet other JWA players. I went with a friend to a park, she was playing Poke Go and I was playing JWA. And there we saw two others who were also playing Poke Go. This lead to some social interaction. I think this was the idea behind Poke Go and it seems to work

gimnasiums could work this way.
U would have to fight 4 dinos like always and if u win, only if u win, u can leave 4 dinos to protect it. But the thing is that u cant use them anymore till u are defeated cause they are defending the gim that gives u rewards :smiley:
I dont remember correctly, but i remember going in a car to gims with 3 or 4 friends to gim fight hahaha dont remember why though jajaja long time since i played
Social interaction was great in pogo cause they had amazing nests. Diferently to jwa i stayed in the same spot for 3 hours and hunt like crazy. In jwa u need to move :smiley: and u dont see much plp cause of that hahahah