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One last hope to keep this game alive and avoid thousands of players quitting

Pretty “simple” things to do, here they are:

1- Create one extra arena for players that are far above Shores. This should prevent 6k players from dropping, either because of losing streaks or to avoid 6,5k players and should help lower arena players to be happier with the opponents they fight.

2 - Go back to the old 30/30 medal system on PVP and do not implement this on tournament, who ever asked for this? There is absolutely no point in losing 40 trophies and keep winning 20,23,21, lose 40,35,40…please,no.

3 - Sell darts in the store again. I’m not even talking about the old 4x 350 bundle… Just a smaller amount, something like 50 darts or so… Covid is far from ending in many many countries and there are players that don’t have any stop near them. If you live in a house with multiple drops and Covid is under control on your country, that’s awesome. But that’s not happening in the entire world yet…

Just writing this cause I really think this might be the “beggining of the end” to this game and I believe most players don’t want this. If you have any other suggestion, please write it down here…

Please, Ludia, listen to your player base :frowning:


I would say that the next update should have some fun features like

Dino skins 2-5 different colors for legendary unique and apex dinosaurs make it an end game thing

This one is less fun but still needed

More fierce creatures because there are loads of resilient creatures that own the arenas and cunning creatures just get pushed out and adding viable fierce creatures besides Thor and Mortem could bring more variety to the game

Finally I’d say more trials and challenge bosses like lord lythro


1- yeah, I think that would be a small help but not a major fix
2- no, I think you’ll see the new (old) trophy system start to make a difference once its had time to work itself out
3- yeah, I don’t see what harm it does to sell darts for coins. You should NEVER spend hard cash on darts and they’re free at every drop… that being said, spinning drops does add to your total for the accomplishments so… meh
4- The real fix for the game has to be the swap meta getting the monomimus treatment and specifically Magnus getting sledge hammer nerfed. Also a REAL balance update that brings viability to at least MOST of the uniques. Any other fix is a pebble thrown at a bear.


Also agree with it. Even some kind of event hats would be nice. Dinosaur skins…

Can you explain why you say it? I can’t see any good point on losing 40 trophies. Most scenarios end up like 2 wins = 1 loss…

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30/30 was a tremendous mess and a nonsense of pvp progression.


And isn’t the 20/40 the same or worse? I really don’t see the point of it. I’m asking respectfully because for me it is worse :(, if you can explain why you think the actual system is better I’d be much appreciated

Honestly, if it were a flat 40 if you win, 20 if you lose, I could see a benefit. I suppose. Though I do think that 2x the trophies for a win is a bit much, maybe a flat 35 win/25 lose? I’m not sure. All I know is that if you give the gatekeepers a reason to progress, they might actually progress, then this mess of “team power” becomes a massive moot point.

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Listen, it’s not that complicated. If you lose to a stronger opponent you only lose 20 trophies while if you beat that same person you get 40. The new system rewards you for overcoming more difficult opponents while punishing you less for losing to them. The other part of this is, if you’re playing people at approximately your same level it makes virtually no difference to you.


Well, I’m in mid~low library and I can assure you: the opponents I fight and win are sometimes weaker than me and sometimes we are equal in strenght. The wins are always 20, 23, 21… However, when I face a huge opponent, way stronger than me, I lose 35, 37, 40… I’m sorry, but this system doesn’t work as intended. I check my opponents medals, and most of the players that beat me are 400,500 and even 600 trophies higher than my highest score… I don’t know if it is bugged, but wins are always lower than 30 and losses are higher than 30.



私のスマートフォンはOPPO oneplus7です。他に入ってるゲームアプリはありません。それでもまともにダーツもチャットも出来ません。



Translated from Japanese

I dare to write in my native language. It’s like a bittersweet.

I think that the raid was implemented because it worked hard.
But right now, the raid is too difficult
Players who are not participating in discord and who are not good at English tend to be banished from the alliance.

The real problem with this game is that it consumes too much RAM. The operation is too heavy and you have to restart immediately.
My smartphone is OPPO oneplus 7. There are no other game apps included. Still, I can’t play darts or chat properly.

Strategy has become important, so players who can use discord can get rewards even in raids.
That’s fine, but if so, do this.
"Do you speak English? discord is required, but do you have it installed? Otherwise you will only feel miserable in this game. Do not charge. 』\

I’ve invested $ 3000 in this game, but I’m pessimistic that it wasted because I couldn’t keep up with the raid and discord epidemic.

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