One main goal achieved

I did not hope to see this day but take a look how many dinos are waiting to be hatched in my market.

For years my numbers were increasing until I decided to change my strategy. I began to hatch every creature immediately that is not legendary and I speed up legendaries once their cost for a speedup is less than 500 dinobucks. On the discount day I speed up everything that is in my hatchery at the moment.
That way I managed to go from almost 100 creatures to zero in six months and my reserves in dinobucks are almost as high as they were before I started. It’s possible that they are even a little bit higher.


Congratulations @Tommi !

Quite the achievement indeed!


Welcome to the club @Tommi. Not sure what your MODs inventory looks like but get ready for your trade harbor to start looking a lot more favorable.

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I managed to do the same thing Tuesday too. I had a much smaller hole to dig out of.

And got lucky with a lotto prize drop of 2x 1500DB. I left the 3 long runners in the last three chambers and hatched everything else out of the first one.

I spend most of my 7000DB.

And after clearing it all out, my trades have me back up to almost 2000DB again.

It is worth it to keep it clear.


I never speak about my mods. They make me cry.


What MODs should we keep around and which ones should we try and use every day as we get them?

Phew, there are so many mods and I do not know the English names of most of them. It is too exhausting for me to explain in English why I use a certain mod and not another.
So a very simple answer from my side: I only use common mods most of the time, there are only three other mods I use on special occasions

  • clone
  • binding
  • tough skin…this translated name is most certainly not the English name, it is the mod that allows your opponent do damage you only with 50% of his primary damage.
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It is called Tough Skin in English. One of my personal favorites too.
The Super Rare one that absorbs 99% I consider a huge luxury.
Predation is one I use weekly for that 3-round battle versus all-same-kind.
Almost always pair a Terrify with an Inspire, but lead off with a Tough Skin.


I love either leading off with Tough Skin and following up with 2 Berserks or using 3 Intimidations. I’ll use Alphas on lower level creatures.

I’ve been working on the same goal myself and am going to finish cleaning it out in about a week. I did spend a bit in DBs to get it done, so will need to build my reserve back up. Can’t say I’ve seen much improvement in my TH though… it seems that as you get it cleaned out the bad trades particularly for mods really start going up. Not sure I’m yet ready to get rid of all my favorite mods… but I have stopped buying new ones and selling off all the ones I don’t use much.

Interesting what people like to use for Mods. I don’t really use Tough Skin at all. I use only common mods for modded PvPs, usually in the order of Split Wound, Intimidation and Rally. For mod PvE events and tournaments, I have kept Inspire, Terrify, Armored Hide, Clone, and Nullify. In tournaments I would often use 2 Nullify and then 1 Inspire or Terrify and that was hard to defeat. I also have a small handful of Legendary mods that I wanted to hang onto for finishing missions.


I don’t keep any on hand. The only thing in my inventory is the Apatosaurus Fossil. Unless I just got a creature from a reward that I don’t mind getting an offer for before I manage to get it into a hatchery pod.

But I also have massive coin generation so I am not worried if a tournament comes up that will use MODs since I will just purchase what ever I need for said tournament.


Yeah my coin production isn’t nearly that high, particularly since I’m wanting to stash a lot of creatures away right now to improve my chances to get high-value Code 19s. I only spend coins on mods, so it took me a long time and a lot of work to build up the stash of the SR ones that I listed, particularly the Inspire and Terrify which in addition to being the BEST ones to get, also seem to be the HARDEST to get! The mod tournaments in the past have always been for very high-value creatures (not like the one this week!) so I definitely don’t want to risk missing out on one. With my luck, I’d clear out all my mods… and then the next mod tournament would be for the Segnosaurus I’m so anxious to get!!


Jealous of the empty hatchery! I should probably make more of a concerted effort to clear mine out… but… I also like having regular things to log in and do small things of. And they help with that.

For mods, modded PvPs for daily requirement I use a level 40 legendary or level 30 VIP, then two of the weakest dino’s I have. The first one gets a nullify. The second two get alphas if my first dino is under 1000 attack or rally if it’s attack is over 1000. Win almost every one. Just occasionally there’s a bad class disadvantage that I face. Other than those, I like Inspire, Terrify, Clone, Adrenaline Rush, Killer Instinct and Toxin. Sometimes challenge myself to play with the others though just for variety.

For trades, I’m curious what would happen to my market with the changes everyone else is making. I get very few dino buck offers (especially lately). But I get maybe 1-2 offers a day where they want a dino and about the same where they want any mods. So I would just be curious what would change with my offers if I got rid of the ones I have. I feel like in general, I just get tons and tons of offers to buy mods, coins, non-VIP buildings, non-VIP jurassic dino’s. Often wanting bucks or VIP points for those.

Coin production… Definitely fine. Looking at some of the older posts, I might be able to increase it further. But can’t logic out why my layout is worse than the ones I’ve seen from other people.

Post a picture of your layout.

I just got two fossils for DBs in my trade harbor during my dailiy 50db refreshes.

It is paying off keeping the dinos out.

Side tip: don’t complete COTs until late Monday to keep the 7day dino from gumming up the works all week. You can than buy him out Tuesday for 20% off.

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If anyone wants/needs a quick way to burn through unwanted mods, go to modded PvP and attach unwanted mods to three lvl 1 triceratops. Exit the battle and they are gone and you have an immediate cool down for the three trips. Wash, rinse, repeat


I do the same thing when I have enough to get a s-hybrid… don’t buy them right away, wait until the discount time to buy and then immediately hatch it.

Nice idea! I just wonder if that will make any difference in my trades until I’m willing to give up ALL mods. I have a feeling I’ll still get the same number of trade offers, they just will be for the ones left that I don’t want to trade. At least now some of the offers get me something in return.

I think it will make a difference, although I can’t say I’m sure what it is. Worst comes to worst, you’ll at least only have the mods you want :joy:

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When I was whittling down my MOD stash that I had built up I would get trades for 5-10 MODs at a time once I was down to the stash of the ones where I had 200-300+ of a single MOD. As someone that had a bunch of “stuff” in my inventory (creatures, buildings, and MODs) I can safely say that once you eliminate everything and only keep high value items in your inventory you will get better offers.

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