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One more pvp question

I am down to under 1000 score on pvp.
I just came up against a team of all level 7’s.
Dominated by one
Counter attacks by 2.
Their healer regenerated.

Question is how do folks at that level get gear like that? I do not even see that gear anywhere I can get to yet. What am I missing on getting better gear?? I want to at least put up a fight!

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Here Is What You Need To Succeed!!! For The Elf

If I’m Not Mistaking, I Think He Has One More Not Sure What Tho.

For Your Tommus The Tank, You Need This To Counter,

This Is Nice To Have In PVP, I Use Legendary Otherwise!!!
He Has A Legendary With Regenerate I Think, Don’t Have It Tho😒

AND You Need This For Bard The Tard LOL :grin:

This Piece Is Great, Even Greater When You Upgrade To Lev. 3 Last For 2 Rounds😝
That Can Change The Whole Match For You!!! Well Hope These Help Ya Out😀
Hubby Got The Legendary For Her Boris, But Can’t Use Till Lev.10, He Still Got A Way
For Her She Got This

It’s Not The Greatest Tho!!!
And If You Have The Bird-Man He’s Got This

Pretty Nice Piece For Him!!!

Hey @Lee_Maker

PvP at low levels with minimal gear is painful. Im top tier now, but tbh I skipped pvp at low levels until I had a fighting chance. Ill be posting a top gear to look out for thread, but pretty much these are the top items to look out for to be successful;

#1 Cleric Regenerate neckpiece
#2 Bard Dominate Lute
#3 Cleric Death Ward Thighbone (Weapon)
#4 Warlock AOE Immobilize
#5 Wizard AOE Disarm

Tommus is also great to gear out, get his taunt+regenrate and counter attack gear. Wizard Disintegrate spell, Rogue Kill helmet, Ranger bows, and the neckpiece for Paladin once u have access to her.

These have the largest impact on the pvp arena.Pretty much every 48 hrs, challenge dungeons change rewards, so scan through those every two days, and if any of these items appear, farm them as much as u can till max level.

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Is Tommus’s Legendary Sword Counterattack Too? @Xx_YESPA_xX
I know It’s A Beast :muscle: By It’s Self!!! LOL :grin:

Hey Shay, the sword itself is not counter attack, however items like gauntlet or helm that give counter attack trigger the legendary weapon aoe, which is beastly, but i still prefer the EPIC fighter sword, because it bolsters your defenses so high, its near impossible to lose. Ive even survived crazy ranger aoe thanks to epic fighter sword :wink:

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The AC Giver Of Life??? LOL :grin:
Yes Very Helpful!!!

Yea that one just makes the game that much easier. + Regenrate = fun.

For those that dont know, you can get the game even at the hardest levels to only do like 300 damage at a time with a ton of AC boosts. You can then pop regen (800 tick a turn) and heal like crazy while not taking damage. I have lv14 heroes, and fight lv20 enemies consistently and win with just that combo alone. (pvp or pve)