One of my dinosaurs is missing


Since the last update I’ve not seen any paras in the wild from being common they’re extinct round me. It does seem to make a huge difference where you live/work. Visited a friend and every other wild Dino day or night seemed to be a velociraptor. My local Dino is the deinonychus. I can see why spoofing your location is so popular.


You are in zone 3 and paras appear in zone 4. Its really frustrating but thats the game.


How can you tell what zone you live in? I’m assuming I’m in zone 3 because I get those giant turkeys around my house.

Also, how far away are these zones, I may have wandered into a zone 4 because I did see parasaurs scattered around.


Any more details about thes zones?


I think we go on this for zone’s from metahub. f0ec5d723e772d4b1d8bee9c0eaf76d17dab4918_1_419x500


Speaking of turkeys…


There is not a right answer on this. I live 10 km from my work and I am about to create a google my maps (yes I am addicted to this stuff :sweat_smile: ) to divide those zones, but I can tell you I see 3 if not even all 4 local zones in my travel trip. I know other people need to drive further.


Okay from that picture, I think I’m a zone 2, as I have both Deins and Velociraptors in my area. And I think I was wandering around in a zone 4 yesterday, I got me a parasaur from there. And now I know Velociraptors at night, good to know.