One of my longest battles

Bearing in mind, we’ve already whittled each other down to our last two dinos. I know they have a DC, they’ve been abusing it all battle. We’re near the end. Here’s how it went.

Swap to Para.
-Swap to DC.
Shielded strike.
Regenerate and Run to Indoraptor (less than 1k health).
-Swap to Stegodeus.

Repeat this for several turns until finally, my poor Paramoloch can’t keep up and gives in to that sweet boosted DC damage. I’m mildly amused at it, but I’m also bummed out. I think I knew deep down that I couldn’t win though.

If you want to count this as another ‘DC should be nerfed!!!’ thread go ahead, but I just thought it was amusing at how long it took to finish the battle because of the regeneration moves. Heck, if my Paramoloch had a few boosts attached, I’ve no doubt that battle could have gone on for a lot longer!

Has anyone else had an insanely long battle?

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Nope, dont bother to even open the Arena tab these days. Not fun at all anymore. :neutral_face:


During the last tourney … 2-2; my L25 Alankylosaurus vs L26+ Tragodistis, both full health; I was genuinely concerned I might die of old age before it finished …


Yep. The last tournament. Me and my opponent were drawing 2 2. He had a low health Dino I can’t remember and O had a low health Dino which I also can’t remember. Well, I swapped to my Koolab to take the hit and he sent out DC. A viscous cycle began
I swapped to looks and he swapped to DC
Koolabs swap in distraction reduced DC’s swap in rampage.
Koolab distracted DC. DC Rampages
DC regenerates Koolab shields
I swap to my other creature and he swaps to his
And the cycle repeats itself
The battle had already been like 3 minutes so this cycle went on for at least 7 more. Finally I won and I would love to see the look on my opponents face everytime their DC’s SIA was reduced significantly

I can only remember a few matches. One of them involved my Indor and opponent’s Indor, both dodged (before 1.8) for 8 times (there were 2 turns when there were no dodges). Then one of us was luckier and killed the other.
Another one was in the tank meta. Again there was a mirror match of Tragod. We used Long Invincibility, Rampage, Stun, SS. This took sooooooo long to finish. Then came Stegod vs Stegod, but it was shorter.

Had one last night the opponent relied too heavily on boosted DC. He killed my first dinosaur with a DC SIA so I brought Erlidominus out. I hit cloak, he used his cleanse. I hit Rampage and he swapped DC for another dinosaur. His new dinosaur was dead in one hit. I used hit and run to bring out my next dinosaur. He used DC again to kill my new dinosaur. Again, I brought out Erlidominus and we did the exact same moves again. So now we are 2-2 and I know he has a fully healthed DC. My dinosaur that came out, even though she had full health, would have died when the opponent inevitably would rely on DC to end the match. So I swapped to my boosted Suchotator that could take the hit and knocked them back into the dirt. It was very satisfying but obviously a player that didn’t know how to use DC so it cost them.