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One of the best updates!

Lets just take a moment and applaud ludia for this update and hope they will continue like this.

:clap::clap::clap:Congrats Ludia and everyone who works at this game :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Agree i love the update grats to ludia
Now i wanna see a cs nerf to become perfect


I love the multifusion!


The Best Thing of 1.11 = Gamma JUMP (LoL)

Really, this update is awesome :tada:


This really is a great update. The positives far outweigh the negatives and we should focus on that. So many great things in this update and for me, it’s definitely a welcomed one.


Absolutely agree! Aside from the changes to Maxima and indo gen2 the update is perfect!
It came out smoothly and all the new features are an incredible increase of quality! The new hybrids that I’ve seen are beautiful and with awesome kits too!


OMG right?

Like, I just jumped my Yoshi from level 22 to 23 in under 5 minutes thanks to this feature. I’m so freaking happy, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I feel.

So much time is saved with this thing, it’s almost too good to be true.


Completely agree! And it’s OK that the harvest scents are gone. Don’t need em.

I’ve created Scaphotator (man, that name just … makes me laugh!) pretty fast too. I didn’t even have my Diplotator at lvl 10 so I had to do some major fuses.

I actually had my Diplotator at level 16, but Scapho was level 6, so that was a thing. These fuses are actually kinda decent. Like, OMG.

*Excluding the inadequate reworking of Maxima and the negligent enhances to Cautious Strike…

This has been a pretty good update.


Boosts are still an issue. They are still way too powerful. Please rethink how much each boost adds. At the very least change the speed to +1 for every boost.

I can’t even get the game to load, best update! /s

Great new update. Absolutely top notch. Now if I could only find the new dinosaur and cenozoic beasties.


Holy snaps. Hersh. You’re back.

Apologises if I’m late to such news of such an arrival (I’m late to almost everything when it comes to online news, sadly), but I’m happy to see your comments. Here just to visit?


Basing the update on its features, seems like a good update. Alliance login date, easier fusions, separate teams, battle emojis. All good things.

Based on the nerfs and buffs, this was not a good update and I question if the dev is actually playing the game.

Well there gonna be putting draco, procera, idg2, and maxines balances up for a vote soon so everyone should keep that in mind when boosting.

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Disappointed with the update, cause map bugs still aren’t fixed. My nearest area is still wasteland.

Some features are nice though, but new creatures seems bad.

New creatures are meh.

Map is still just as bad as it was before.

Chat is just as bad as it’s been since the launch of it.

The arena is already flooded with heavily boosted Indo gen2, and cautious strike has to be the most op and annoying move ever.

But wait! It’s all good, we have emotes we can use in matches now, and snowflakes in the game as well as on this forum, so it’s not all bad :rofl:


All we lack now is a snowflake emote.

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