One of the most difficult decisions to make

Soon I will have to make a very complicated decision. Gorgosuchus is for me an almost irreplaceable beast in my team where he has been for a long time, currently at level 20, despite having other apex beasts off the team at almost the same level. On the other hand, I have a good level 17 Spinotahraptor (outside the team) and with enough DNA to evolve two levels to 19. Now, since Ludia seems to love that good dinosaurs depend on very few DNAs while many DNAs do not They serve (at the moment) for nothing, I must decide:

  • I can take my gorgosuchus to level 21 and leave my spinotahraptor as it is waiting for its “bleeding” to do something if the superiority hit loses the speed reduction. This implies never creating neither megalosuchus nor spinotasuchus.

  • I can create megalosuchus and take it to level 18 … although at the moment I would not enter my team . It would imply never creating spinotasuchus and suppose that when gorgosuchus stops evolving, it would end up disappearing from my team.

  • I can create Spinotasuchus and take it to level 18, although I do not think it would be on my team at the moment either. It would imply never creating megalosuchus and suppose that when gorgosuchus stops evolving, it would end up disappearing from my team.

Other times I’ve had to make similar decisions. for example, creating Rajakylosauros implied that I would never create the ANkyntrosauro and, therefore, never the Trykosauro either, but this one is particularly difficult … what would you do?

I rather have a high level Gorgo. Not giving up the higher crit, defense shattering attacks, and cleanse.

I think the same as you. The only problem is that at a certain level it is very difficult to evolve the epics and, on the other hand, it is easier to evolve the legendary ones of the same level.

What grieves is to leave so many dinos in the way that neither I have nor will I ever have (megalosuchus, Spinotasuchus, Ankyntrosauro, Trikosauro, Nodopatotitan, gigaspikasaur, .trikosaurus, erlidominus, …) but well, I guess that is thought so that not all we have the same team.

I would sit on the dna until the next patch or update if I were you. Level 20 is still pretty good and as much as bleed is said to be the up and coming mechanic with the proposed nerf to SS, megalosuchus could get a buff or to offset the two, Ludia could end up nerfing gorgo…(people didn’t really expect to see adrenaline surge > cleansing impact so it’s not entirely impossible)

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What’s funny is that everyone complained about Gorgo being nerfed (adrenaline > cleansing), but it was actually a buff i think. Cleansing is a strong 1.5x attack move that effectively counters raptors. With adrenaline you gave up a turn and just sat there.

Plus if you face mono or indominus, it is much better against them

Right. With no tournament going, I’m not in a hurry to make the decision. Meanwhile, I hope I can see more gorgosauros because I have 10 times more Kaprosuchus than gorgosauros

I personally hope that megalosuchus gets a much needed buff, even if it is a small one, but it needs a DS move of sorts.

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You are right in all this, but now a powerful tank (for example a Stegodeus) erases it from the map in two strokes while before it survived and could hit its powerful blow. It is difficult to assess the change.

Not completely true. If you use it right, Gorgo can take out a Stegod in one shot without getting hit at all.

That is not true at all. This will only happen if your opponent switches in a stegodeus after your gorgo has used ferocious strike on something else, which will only happen if they DC or if they have already accepted defeat. So it entirely depends on your opponent and not you…

Which is why I never start with my Gorgo haha. I will usually only bring it in when I can use FS and then be ready to hit with DSR or Cleansing Impact if they have a faster dino. I was one that did not like the change from Adrenaline Pulse to Cleansing, but overall it has actually worked better for me.

Yeah I know what you mean, but I was just trying to say that in those scenarios, you are already in a commanding position, but you have to hope that they don’t have a dino that can deal with your gorgo as well.

It works so well against indominus and mono. Cleansing impact gives it 2 chances to wreck indominus, and it means it almost certainly could kill mono if you crit.