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One of the most fun battles I have had in a long time

I just unlocked Stgydarex and although he’s not great, I decided to use him for a bit. I entered a battles and I got Koolabourgania, Spinotahsuchus, Purataurus and Darex. My opponent had Utahsino, DC, Stegod and Ankyntro. So his raptor took out my tahsuchus, but the wound took the raptor out. This was when it got fun for me. He sent out Stegod as I sent out Pura. I decided that this was a great opportunity to use Darex. As I swapped into him, DC came out. Next turn, I cleansing swooped straight into Koolab, so using a swap in distraction. DC cleansed everything and Ankyntro came out. Sent Darex out, Wound into Koolab
This kept happening and I won the battle and at it was so fun for me. Darex is such and enjoyable flyer to use. Anyone else had some fun battles?



I had some fun battles back before Dracoceratops and stat boosts.


The epic strike tower was pretty fun for me.

100% agree.

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I just had the great battle today too. IIRC, I got Stygidaryx, Monomimus, Elikospyx (I can’t recall the last one as I didn’t use it)

Both Stygidaryx and Monomimus can swap in to block every harmful attack from opponents and also they can be locked after swapped in only 1 turn (Stigydaryx needs to use Cleanse Swoop tho). It was so satisfied when seeing thier Thoradolosaur’s DSR or IS be in vain after Monomimus just swapped in. This guys is actually the best Troll in my thoughts now, just need to be more faster than speed boosted Thoradolosaur. lol