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One OP to Another OP

You know, when you say that you want to improve the game with, “better balance,” it implies that you want to cut down on unfair battles. If you’re battling with another player, in theory, their library of animals should not only be comparable, there should be a good 50/50 chance that you’ll win.

But you seem to forget about inherently making animals VASTLY overpowered (OP), where regardless of what you have, it’s a recipe for instant loss of one, or sometimes all three of your lineup.

What is the deal with Magapyritator? It was once an insignificant unique, but now is practically a REQUIREMENT if you want to win. Now, I get it, that was the problem with Thoradolosaurus. It was OP, so in the new update, you weakened it. I hated it, but I understood it. My question is, rather than just leveling out animals, why did you replace one OP animal with another? That’s not fair. Especially when you have no easy access to the animal DNA needed for the hybrid.

You want to keep people playing, fine, but you essentially killed any progress that was made if you so happened to not have Magapyri before the update. I’m speaking on behalf of myself and the dozens of players who more than likely sunk money into participating and now have to go back to square one.

I don’t know what the solution to this problem is, but don’t tell us you’re “rebalancing” when you’re just swapping OP animals around at the players expense.

Thoradolosaur was one of the worst Uniques before the update, and is even worse now.

And why would you think Magnapyritor is overpowered? It has plenty of counters, but it is true that the meta makes a lot of the other speedsters near-useless.

I think you need to rethink what you mean by “overpowered”. Because if a creature has an abundance of same-rarity counters, the general consensus is that it isn’t overpowered, so it’s kinda hard to relate to what you’re saying.


This is one of the strangest complaints about balancing I’ve seen.


My Utarinex melts Magna into a pool of ice cream! :joy:


Rinex is a thing?

Magna was nerfed in 2.0…
It was immune to everything and now it can be 50% rended and 50% distracted and it only has a 50% chance of a crit .


IKR. He didnt talk about maxima it Tryko.

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Yup definitely. My Rinex beat Mortem this week. It became much better since 2.0.

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Yes, yes it is don’t bash especially that it can take on tryko, dioraj, and tenato.

Mags is very strong no doubt, but it isn’t uncounterable. You have the obvious maxima, but you also have other creatures like rhinex, Phorasaura, and even Indoraptor.
Thor was also never an issue. It was terrible and is worse now.
And the odds in the arena should never be 50/50, as this is why people with better creatures are up higher. If everything was 50/50, then you’d have people with level 20 epics in the gyro and shores. There has to be some wall. A 50/50 should occur in the skill tournaments, and the only deciding factor is what your team of 8 is and how you play your hand


Don’t forget erlidom, spxs, and Orion

I tried to list more relevant creatures, as I feel phorasaura is an end game creature and rhinex can go to the late game. But those work as well

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before 2.0 mags could be 100% rended…

Well there’s something I didn’t know and it’s been on my team forever!

It’s any wonder I totally suck at pvp!

I think what you forget to mention is… BOOSTS! Then your argument makes more sense. Thor was OP only with… BOOSTS! Magna is OP if you don’t have anything faster, thanks to… BOOSTS! And even with that it can be taken down by almost all the meta tanks (Dio, Tryko, Maxima, Gemini).

But I kinda get what you’re saying. I’ve mentioned with my alliance, of how Magna seems like a must, not because it’s OP, but because there are very few other usable options of speedsters.

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Agreed. Very few speedsters are viable. Even ones like quetzorion are mediocre, but not really good at all. The best 3 I find are testacornibus, phorasaura, and mags