One or the other please

Either remove stat boosts or give us a concede option.

This game is so trash for PvP these days.

You know all those cool new hybrids that just came out? Yeah nobody’s going to use them because they don’t want to invest in tier 5 or 6 boosts to get them on par with the rest of their teams.

Seriously Ludia what were you thinking with this?


Most of the time new hybrids are never used straight away and that’s often because they need levelling before joining one’s team. I’m planning on adding a couple of the new hybrids to my team once I get them to team level so it’s not a case of nobody is going to use them.

Stats boots will never be removed, it’s part of the game now.

A concede button should not be allowed unless when hitting the concede button the winner-by-default still receives 3 kill points for daily battle incubator even if they didn’t get to kill all 3.

I understand the frustration, but would you really want everything instantly and have nothing to work towards or do? Its more satisfying to earn things. The longer it takes the better it feels when you get it.

Also Ludia cant really make players stop investing in their current team and work on the new hybrids, its down to the player!

Save up some boosts for a while and then boost a new hybrid, in the mean time don’t boost anything else as it will slow down your ability to boost a new team member.
When I was getting close to unlocking Tryko I saved all my boosts and used them on it, so I could use ti right away despite being lower level!
As a result my Tryko is my 2nd most powerful dinosaur other than Thor, and Thor is 26 while Tryko is 21.

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“The longer it takes the better it feels when you get it”…yeah I don’t know about that one there.

Anyway, here’s the problem: Arena sucks.

There are lots of threads that agree with that statement here. Why does it suck? Boosts.
Ok so let’s get more boosts, how do we do that? Arena.

You see the problem with that gameplay loop?

Player got tons of green cash when they payed back for boosts.

I guess many players have used all of them now.

This means players need to start spend again.

Otherwise they will sit with same team for a long time.

I think few want to pay once again for maby seen their effort getting nerfed.

Take this as an example -
Your favourite phone company (Apple or Samsung) announces a new phone with all these awesome new features, you rush out and preorder one and wait months for it to release.
The day finally arrives and you are so excited while waiting in line to get it, you buy it and it feels awesome to finally have it.

Now this -
You go into a shop and they say here is the new model phone, you didnt even know about it. You buy it.
Its the same phone but where is the excitement?

That being said I agree that arena has been toxic in 1.7

What you described in your example is anticipation. Unfortunately there is no such comparison here.

If you spend months hoarding daily battle incubator boosts to get your Thora to 140+ speed, once you finally get it there you’ll have a few matches of wins decided by its speed. But then you’ll hit a wall of players who have a Thora with 150+ speed and you’ll start losing again to them. Repeat until tier 10 boosts.

Apple and Samsung might make you wait a few months for the phone, but they won’t make you wait months and months after that to use all its features.

I only just unlocked Erlidom a few weeks ago after playing for a very long time, I even missed the St Patricks day thing when it was dartable, when I finally unlocked it you know I did a “Toyota” style jumping in the air “Oh what a feeling” thing when I got my last fuse done, it was awesome exciting for me.

so it does exist, but maybe not for everyone?

That’s sarcasm, right? Just stop playing pvp. Or you know the old gamer saying: GIT GUD

I thought you quit

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He quit quitting lol


Oh I felt the same way after the unique event. I was able to get my Erlidom all the way to 28. I won a bunch of games and really enjoyed that. But then I hit another wall and I stopped enjoying PvP again.

It would simply be much more manageable if I didn’t load up games to find I have nothing faster than a Thoradolosaur on the other team. I just lose.

Alright I’ll tell the game devs to give me better Dodge, Crit, and dinosaur selection RNG. Thanks I never considered the option of getting better (AKA higher boosted dinos).

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