One Pyroraptor. ONE

Won an epic scent from todays tower. Started out and traveled through areas where I have found raja, koola, sino, mono - all of which would have been fine. Was even hoping for a rex, or even a diplo spawn.


One pyroraptor. 20 minutes. One pyroraptor.

What a waste of time. At least it wasn’t a waste of money.

Technically, only one epic is guaranteed, but honestly, man, you got shafted. Sorry for your bad luck. Next time you’ll get a bunch, I bet.


I’ll trade you rex for pyroraptor lol. But yeah this is why we don’t buy epic scents. Lucky you I got a large common scent the last 7 thursday incu battles.

Usually I get 4-6 epics from an epic scent. As I live in L3 and L1 is about 100m away, I walk between these 2 zones. I mostly get Concavenator, Sino, Kentro, T Rex and Erliko. I only got 1 or 2 Mono epic so far in L3 from the scent. Having only 1 epic is really bad luck.

Sometimes they’re good, some bad, some decent, and some horrendous. Horrendous= 1 epic. And the one you don’t want. Sitting there, phone heating 20 minutes wasted. For 1k hc that’s bs.

I’ve never gotten more than 1 epic from an epic scent.
I didn’t realize it was even possible.

To me every scent that starts with an day epic, can spare me with the rest of 19min.

@Tuco same exact thing happened to me :frowning: