One shot

Most of my guys are level 8. I can get all 3 dice in Sharpstone but in mines the 3rd boss one shots my wizard/rogue/ranger and just about one shots cleric all from full health. Is this normal?

I’ve found using the warrior with his epic weapon and stacking +Def buffs on every character from it makes it much easier, along with the Regeneration ability on the cleric. If you have another way of adding +Def to your guys (while still having Regen), try that to reduce the damage.

The fighters epic weapon is pretty much the second most important item in the game. (Behind cleric regen)

Or use your warlock to cut their attack in half. Ray of Enfeeblement and Dark Luck shut down bosses and all of her basic attack rods are fantastic.

It took me a bit to do the second dungeon reliably, though once you level your gear enough you’ll have enough hp and AC to absorb the hits with regen nullifying the damage, I don’t use the barbarian, he has a good amount of health but he’s about as squishy as the mages, at least for me

Oh and if you think this sucks, wait till you get to the last boss of hidden forge, when he does his colum attack, if you can’t take the 1980 damage from the fire after he attacks with it, your guys die after getting nailed by it on their turn, my advice, try to never have 2 heroes in the same column because he will use it instantly on that column