One simple way to fix the open arena

Right now the open arena is a cancerous dumpster fire. Everyone knows this. People force themselves to play for incubators. Ranking is irrelevant, rewards are irrelevant. And most of all, it’s utterly predetermined by who is luckier. A single missed stun or dodge is the game.

For this reason, I would never ever drop a cent on this game and tell everyone I meet to do the same. This is because you had many chances to fix it and keep refusing.

Conceptually, there are so many simple ways to fix it. My favorite idea is a once per match replay. Each player gets it once, and it negates the last exchange and resets health and status and each player chooses again. This simple change will largely fix the RNG domination of results without needing to do anything to particular dinos or moves themselves. It also normalizes results so matches are determined more by skill and investment into dinos, plus the added strategy of when to use your replay.

One may think, oh but I’ve luck sacked so many times with a crit or going through dodge. But also recall how many times you’re on the receiving end and how bad that felt, like you’ve wasted all this time and effort only to have something stolen from you. And let’s face it, luck is not earned and no one “deserves” to win based on luck.

This is less of a problem in tourneys which are much more fun, so good job there at least. But most of people’s time and investments are into dinos for the open meta, so fix it or the game will die.


…Honestly, I think opponents rewinding turns would get really annoying pretty fast. Really takes the edge off, too, when you outwit your opponent and pull a surprise. Or when you swap in Dracocera at the end and they’re like “oh THAT’S you final card. In THAT case…” The whole sneak attack thing would be negated. Then you’d also have people banking on the RNG with this method and giving Thor a second chance to crit.
I recognize all changes have their sacrifices, but would you rather just remove the dice altogether? No crits, dodges become 100% chance and let half damage through, or something like that?


Totally disagree with this. What’s with the “do over”?

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change boosts, or put them to 10-20 boosts a use instead of 100, it’s stupid that Ludia appeals to rich wealthy people because its all about greed for them

I totally disagree with having a “do over” once every match for each player.

That would delay the match and be extremely annoying.

Fix the RNG, don’t put a Band-aid ® on it!

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This would ruin arena even more. Those that overboost one creature would be able to redo a turn, save their crutch and win. So literaly arena would turn to boost to win. Even less players would play in arena.

Boosts need a rework. Chompers should never be faster than speedsters. Thats like bike could go faster than F1 race car.

If Thor would not be able to outspeed its counters, we would see way less overboosted Thors in arena.

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This is one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard on here. You can’t negate RNG by giving people another chance to roll the dice.

Frankly, RNG isn’t a problem. You win some, you lose some - it balances out. Weird matchmaking, and poor speed tie resolution are bigger arena problems, then boosts swamp everything else.


Just no.

Poor analogy.

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I don’t mind the arena so much as the time requirement.
Redoing a match if I don’t need it would be a waste of time.
I wouldn’t mind so long as I could opt out.
I’d rather just do a fresh battle.

I was talking about bike, not motor bike. :grin:

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this would make matches take longer and won’t solve anything.
one uses the replay to undo a crit, the other can just use theirs to redo that crit.
Also make surprise attacks ( Dracocera, monosteg, etc.) not as useful.
i appreciate that you were trying to come up with something to fix the arena, but this just wont actively do anything useful in the long run.

No. They should have never started the boost thing. That just ruined everything.
So maybe change the boost system like a boost is something you can be rewarded in incubators for a one time use and are not stackable. Something along those lines I would like. But I don’t think they can take away our boosts AGAIN without MASS upheaval.

I didn’t think about that angle, I was thinking only of re-rolling the rng roll, not the whole turn including even the swap. I guess that’s a detail that could be fine tuned. Maybe it’ll only reroll the damage and effects like dodge and crits and stuns.

People are already banking on RNG now, especially people who use Thor. Most likely they’ll crit on you. But now at least you have one chance to retort. People will use it to redo the RNG, but so can you, that’s the point, of choosing when to do it. This is to normalize the RNG as statistically it’s much harder to luck sack twice, and have to factor that into your calculus. Much fewer auto losing the match due to an opening or closing crit or going through dodge. Plus, it’s only once per player, so it won’t delay the match by much at all.

Yes of course I would much rather see most if not all RNG be removed, but let’s be honest that’s never going to happen. I’m brainstorming alternatives based on my experience.

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How would that delay the match? It’s only one extra move per player.

I totally agree that the RNG should be mostly removed, but it’s been two years, band aids might be more realistic.

Are you suggesting that the arena isn’t boost to win already? People are already over boosting one creature like the Indos and Thor and relying on them. Having a redo allows them to try to save their crutch but also allows you to save your counter from a bad roll like Thor critting through dodge or evading a stun. Mathematically, more chances will normalize the RNG to their theoretical % and have less matches be decided by a bad roll instead of the projected roll.

Trust me, I hate speed Thor more than maybe anyone, and think it’s a tactic of the unoriginal and mediocre mind. But this will help its natural counters have a surer win.

Actually, you can. Well, you can’t negate it entirely, of course, but you can normalize the results. More rolls of the dice will make the results approach the theoretical 25% or 40% or 75% that you expect. Of course you can say well it already does that over thousands of matches, but too many matches are decided by say a 25% failure on a 75% chance to succeed. A reroll will decrease the significance of any ONE particular roll and make results more like what you expect and have less situations of feeling “robbed.” You can still be super unlucky twice, but that’s much rarer.

Yes, you win some, you lose some, it’s inevitable. But it’s HOW you lose that is often infuriating. A game shouldn’t feel unjust and infuriating. Some games you lose and don’t get mad because you know you were just outplayed and not out luck’d. All the other things you cited are also problems and should be fixed, but they’re not mutually exclusive and it doesn’t mean rng isn’t a problem.

I’m only suggesting to redo the rng based portion of a single turn, not the whole battle. And yes, I totally agree we need a forfeit option to save time.

You redo to undo a crit, if they don’t burn their redo, they have an exponentially smaller chance to crit two times in a row. If they burn their redo, it’ll go back to about the same % as before. But this is 3 tries instead of one, so it dilutes the significance of each roll.

You can go a step further and make it so you can’t chain a redo to a redo. This will minimize the impact of RNG even more on match outcomes. RNG should be a bonus anyway and you shouldn’t rely on it for wins. Plus it’s just one each so won’t drag matches out much more.

I’m tired of hating on the game and just want to imagine any alternative, even if I know it’ll never happen.

Boosts are a problem, yes. It was a neat idea, customization of your fav dinos, but the execution wasn’t good. But as much as I like your idea it’s even more far fetched than mine for one simple reason: boosts are their cash cow. They will never take them away.

I’m trying to imagine an alternative.