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One size does not fit all - ai


Those at the later stages of the game really appreciate (or at least I really appreciate) how the ai teams have gained strength and relevance. Also how its (usually) smarter.


That said, my little ones account really shouldn’t be facing stuff like this when hes forced to fight ai due to losses:

Or this

Or this

Or even this

When what he normally sees is stuff like this (real human teams)

And this


After losing 3 or so to the ai (which removed trophies from the trophy pool btw - that should never happen) we were blessed with the AI non-stop-swap bug and got back to normal matches.

Please adjust the strength of your ai teams to be more in line with the arenas in which they are faced.

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I’d love an option to face AI anytime you want … especially with an easy/medium/hard option.

That being said, yeah… that’s a tough match up you had!