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One theory for getting higher fuse values


First, fuse a “cheap” Dino like suchotator (where you have many dna for already). After several 10’s consecutive (like 5 or so), the probability of being more than 10+ for the next fuse is greater.

So use the next fuse for a higher rated dino. The chance that you will get more than 10 is a lot greater.

Maybe it’s the imagination, but I think that has worked for me several times already. Pure mathematics.


Have you done a study of this at all?

We should study this and record some cold data


That’s what I do. Suchotator is my baseline, since I live in L4. I spend a few cycles fusing that, and once it seems probable it will be above 10 I switch to something with rarer components. It definitely isn’t an exact science, but it’s better than what I was doing.

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I like the thinking behind this but I feel like there are too many variables to be able to test it properly.

You won’t know if the results you got were directly related to having done a few fuses with suchotator first or if the dinosaur’s rarity played a role in the fuse or if the fuses follow some kind of unknown pattern. Even if a bunch of us tested this a few hundred times we wouldn’t have conclusive results I’m afraid.


Gamblers fallacy. “Its been black 10 times in a row, next one has to be red.”


Yes, and people like myself who love statistical probability are even more frustrated


It’s possibly a coincidence, but I’ve used this method as well. I managed to get a 10 and a 70 on my Indoraptor by fusing it twice after 3 consecutive 10s on Spinotahraptor.


I’ve done this, but then this is also when I start getting anything but 10s on the hybrid I don’t even care about…