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One thing curious about the Diorajasaur's counter attack

According to the description, Diorajasaur’s counter attack bypasses cloak. The problem is, is there any possible circumstance that she can hit a cloaking creature with her counter attack?

There are only 2 scenarios?

  1. Opponent uses Cloak, but since Cloak does not deal damage so no counter attack will be triggered.
  2. Opponent attacks Dio while Cloak is in effect but after the attack the Cloak would be removed before the counter attack.

Please tell me if I’m wrong. Just curious. XD

It deals with all kinds of dodging mechanics, including evasive, so if you are against indoraptor or proceratomimus, you can use it to stall out a turn.

Yes I understand her power against evasions, but how about the Cloak specifically?

The cloak wasn’t removed at the end of the turn in previous updates, so it’s new and does not affect it.

Seems the description is not that precise now then. XD

Dioraja countee hits through cloak, but don’t remove it. If Erlidominus have 600 hp left, uses cloak, Dioraja uses Instant Invincibility, Dioraja will kill Erlidominus with counter cloak is still in action after Erlidominus attack.
On turn when Erlidominus uses cloak, Dioraja won’t counter as there is no hit.

I use dioraja on my team. It’s great against indoraptor’s evasion, but I understand what you are saying about cloak. Since cloak cancels right after damage is dealt, diorajas counter attack is kind of useless against dinos with cloak. Cloak didn’t always work like this, however. It was considered a bug, but in a previous version of the game, cloak stayed in affect even until after a counter attacking dino used its counter.


Yes you argument it’s right in the case of cloack, becuse as you have said the counter is before the attack of the oponent and in that moment the cloack is gone

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Ya if we can correctly predict Indo’s move, that’s a nightmare for her. :slight_smile:


I think they just copy the description from other non-counter precise moves. XD

Evasive Strike?

Good point!

Dont forget about diorajas bugged counter attack, were it cant be distracted. I fought one today in battle, i distract strike him and he counters still with 1x damage. Fyi, he did not use superiority strike. No wonder people are using him this much

Was she under the effect of Ferocious Strike? Ferocious Strike +50% attack and when you distract her (-50%) = 1x damage.

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Ferocious buff voids out distracting. Not a bug

Can’t remember if he used furious: i do rember him using instant distract and instant invinc alternately. However you could be right though. Thanks for the response. I’m a bit dissappointed that Ludia is still using incorrect mathematics: 50% of 1.5 damage should be 0.75 damage, not 1x damage. Ow well, i guess they have more significant issues to address :slight_smile:

Buffs are have always been additive, not multiplicative

Whether it has been there from the beginning, doesnt mean its correct mathematics