One thing I think we(anyone who has dumped a decent chunk into this game) can agree on


Tried to get it all in the shot but underneath my dart count you’ll see the vip incubator you can purchase and down below you’ll see how much bucks you can get with actual money… what bothers me is the fact that the price of the incubator goes up after each level up… it was like level 11 or something where the incubator became too expensive to just buy 7000 bucks… now you need to spend roughly 80 bucks just to be able to get one of those at my current level… find this to be a little bs… guess I should have stocked up on those at the beginning when it didn’t cost nearly as much… and why the crap is the price going up with levels… stupid stupid concept that will probably lose more money for them than it will gain… had it not jumped up I would have actually considered getting one…


The amount on dna you get in the incubator increases with each level you increase.


Easy fix for that… I dont care whether I get more or not… keep that the same leave the price of it alone


Easier fix. Dont buy.


or maybe you can create a game and do that in yours.
it’s just like clash royale, just like most things in JWA

and you could get the 7000 + 500 and it would only be $55


Math has never been my strong suit :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Do you even like this game :sweat_smile:


Totally agree. Besides, spending money isn’t fixing my problem. I need to learn how to battle better. I win five or 6 in a row and lose five or six in a row.


I like the fact that its Jurassic world… my son is huge into dinos so it’s fun to see his face light up when I show him something new… other than that it’s ok… it has its flaws… mostly in battles but it is what it is… not focusing on battles so much anymore


Think yourself lucky on the price as $49.99 is £38.76 converted but we pay £48.99 when converted is $63.18


Shoot $10 is kinda silly to pay for something that I can only use in this one thing… I’m guilty of buying…


Ludia probably could have nickeled and dimed me indefinitely if the prices stayed the same. I was a sucker early on. But now that I’m at level 11 it’s getting too expensive, so I’m out Ludia!

Seems like keeping the prices reasonable would have been the better business plan. Hypothetical example: 100 people willing to pay $20 is more profitable than 5 people willing to pay $50. Ludia can’t do the math.


I guarantee there is more than 5 people willing to spend £50.


This is an area of the discussion where I completely agree with someone…
If the level up offers were 19.99 instead of 49.99 I wouldve likely bought a few more and betrayed my “I shall spend no MORE” proclamations. I dont fault them and honestly I think it was to prevent people for 100%ing the game in a month. Still, theyre clearly making money so… Meh


Wow they’re ripping y’all off over there.


Unfortunately there’s about 500 people willing to pay $50 and that makes it worth it I guess

As Barnum once said, there’s one born every minute.


Incubators don’t guarantee success unless you buy a load of them and even then they’re crap really. Best just buying coins if you buy anything in my opinion.

Also you can get a load of cash from a few tapjoy offers that are cheap. Did the lottery one myself for £1, think I got roughly 2400 cash.


Don’t know anyone that thinks the incubators are worth buying, other than the cheapest incubators.
I have yet to find a guide that says you should buy the incubators…


Do OTO’s ever exceed $50?


i’m level 18 (out of max 20 i think). 18 offer is $50, the last 5 or so at least have been $50 I think. I would guess they don’t exceed $50. But I guess 19 or 20 might.