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One thing is ruining arena

Arena is meant to be a bit of a game of chess

Despite what some people think this game is not being ruined by specific characters, they are all fairly well balanced and can all be dealt with unless if your unlucky enough to simply get a poor character combo for the team that you are fighting

What really spoils it is the push back move. It takes zero skill for the enemy to use and the vast majority of the time it’s game over once you’ve been pushed back. You can’t move forward again until your taunt has a turn otherwise any of their 2 zone attackers can typically take you out following the push back damage. Meanwhile they just lob 3 zone grenades at you.

Those that enjoy playing games in god mode would argue that I could use 3 zone attackers myself. I have fairly decent 3 Zone attackers and push and could resort to this but then I would be reduced to playing a practically zero skill game myself with the melee attackers pretty much out of the picture.

What’s even worse is warlock immobilise and push, super super lame.

Outside of the opinions of those that have the legendary wizard 3 zone, those that like god mode/winning with zero skill and tactics and children, I don’t see that this is a subjective matter. It seems to be an objective fact that push (back to 3 zone away) simply ruins arena

It would be better if in arena push back can’t push you beyond the starting zone - is it can be used to push back people in the zone immediately in front but not those 2 Zones away.

Ps virtually every battle I have, the opposing archer is using push back, that in itself shows there an issue. When they come up against each other it must just be chance who wins

I don’t mind the pushback itself. I don’t like the fire to speed up the fight. I don’t understand why it is necessary. Maybe there is a reason that they want them to be faster but I don’t know. The fire gives too much advantage to whoever randomly gets to go first in my opinion. I have had several fights where we were pretty evenly matched or where I was even seeming to win the fight albeit slowly, where I lost because the other guy was able to move into the center on the first move of the battle. To be honest I have had it work in my favor as well. I just dont understand the need to speed up the fights

I don’t understand the opening post. You say it’s balanced, then have issues with a set of skills.

Personally, I don’t think it’s balanced. A more experienced player will more often beat a lesser experienced player even with a weaker team. But, given equal players, one with a healer and one without, I’d say that, in general, the team without is going to have a harder time of it.

Bit, it works both ways and I don’t take it very seriously.

The one thing I really considered broken is the turn mechanics when one team loses a member or two. Because of the turn mechanics, the smaller team is just as strong as the larger team. The issue is the cooldown. It should be based on full rounds, not just every time you take a turn. Or, maybe add additional cooldown for each dead team member… something. A lone healer who managed to take center can often hold an entire team.

I agree with the issue of smaller teams. If you have just one character with a 4 turn cool down on a big spell vs that same character on a team of 4 the team with 1 will get to use it 4 times as often

I’d disagree about it being well balanced, and if the OP is simply going to refuse to play according to the existing meta strategy then that’s on him.

All that said there is an existing bug which has been reported on these forums by myself and others of characters who should be next in line for a turn being skipped and having their counters start over from zero as though they took a turn. I’m sure they are working on it, and I am not complaining because it is so weird that bug is probably well hidden. However, there are some characters who have highly useful attacks or abilities thus making them a preferred target, and if this bug strikes them on their first round it can easily throw an entire match.

Yes your right I was extremely annoyed when I wrote that so didn’t think it out

Overall I think it’s fairly well balanced in terms of character gear with the exception of archer getting pushback and deadly legendary bow that can be amped up further with high crit Chance and fury.

I think the TM issue also needs to be looked at sick of being wiped by one character after I had done a good job of keeping mine all alive (not just winning from getting the jump etc)

What is TM?

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Time Management? I’m Asking, NOT Saying???
Team Management?

Close with first guess

My own little abbreviation of turn meter :wink:

Looking at the forums for other Ludia games it is apparent Ludia is experiencing similar PvP issues across the board. I suggest they should probably discontinue working on this old school PvP and implement a re-imagined version similar to that used by others. Tinkering with PvP in Warriors of Waterdeep has proven unsuccessful, with each change further aggravating core players.