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One Time “Deals”


This thread is to put up screen shots of your one time “deal” offers. Hopefully it will give some information that might be found useful to folks. I do wonder who actually springs for these, so if you do actually purchase please state that in your post.


Did not purchase.


I keep getting this one offered:

Have not purchased.


Not a chance Ludia.


Opened a solid gold pack with a henodus as the creature, then this popped up. Did not buy. :joy:


Wow that is a bad one, at least the first one I posted was 3 VIP creatures for 99.99 that’s only 15.00 more than yours for 300% more creatures.


Did not purchase:


@Potato got my offer today after opening a 10k VIP pack:

Did not purchase…
Ludia what are you thinking with these prices? I would be very curious what the actual take up rate is on these offers.


Never ever. Even half the prize would be too much.


Often, freemium games like this are funded by a few whales. Like, 0.5% of the playing population pays 99% of the revenue. In another game I played, I knew a player was filthy rich (drove an Aston Martin) and spent several thousand dollars on a freemium game every month. Sounds crazy to me, but there are people out there who are filthy rich and can spend money like that. For my part, I’d sooner spend the cost of a Concavenator on an out-of-the-box console game, but folks can spend their money however they like.

Put it this way: Ludia wouldn’t make offers like this unless someone bought them. People generally don’t repeat unsuccessful behavior.


Seems to me they’d make more money in the long run if they drop the prices. Its easy to resist spending $50-$100 hard earned dollars on a single purchase but equally easy to just justify a dollar here, two dollars there. Cause “Hey its only a dollar.” Had a coworker of mine complain that her husband spent over $50 in a month on a game. He didn’t even realize he did it because it was so little each transaction. Its death by a thousand cuts.


Did not purchase


Did not purchase:

Seems the marsupial lion has gotten cheaper.


Bought 3,543,000 of them! Or not…