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One time level up offer glitched

I just became level 8 and had the spare cash. I went to pay and clicked on pay, put in my password to but it and then the screen froze and app crashed. None of the money came out of the account so I loaded it back up. The offer was gone and everything. This is the first time I’ve had a problem with the app. I plan on making more purchases in the future but not if it will crash on me. I had $1.61 on my Google plat account and hundreds on my card and all my info is up to date. I always keep at least $20 on my card so I know I had enough funding to cover the costs.

Hey Cookie_Doe_Deer, I’m sorry to hear that you missed out on this special offer. However, there will be more of these offers for you in the future. Sadly, there is not much we can do about the particular offer you missed because they disappear once you leave the game. It’s possible that your device may have had a hiccup that caused your game to crash.

For this reason, we recommend our players play the game on a stable internet connection and on a device that meets the compatibility of the game. Please also make sure to keep your payment method linked to your account because you will need to leave the game to add a payment method, doing so will also cause the special offer to disappear.

You can see which Android devices are compatible here:

Hello so I was playing along and leveled up to level 5 and got offered the one time offer x4 epic incubator pack for 9.99. I got super excited for this and have gotten my other ones however when I went to purchase this one the game crashed and when I rebooted it the offer was gone. I would really like to still get this offer and feel a bit cheated that I didn’t get it because of a game crash. I love the game and am still willing to pay the 9.99 for the pack if I could get another chance. If you can provide this I would be more then thankful these super offers always get me excited!


You misunderstood . That offer you got for 9.99 is worth X4 if you want to buy it separately . All that offers when you jump lvl higher is that you can buy only 1 :slight_smile:

Thatd not the issue, probleem is that when game crash, jou lose the 4time value dit 9,99 offer and it happend to me to.

I have the same issue. If I tap to purchase - my “one time offer” send me an error. Its really frustrated for me becaousw I want to do a purchase.

Same problem here

Same happened to me twice now. I go onto it to buy it and it says cancelled😡

Same happens to me on every one time offer

It happened to me too now for the second time!! It has nothing to do with my payment options! Why don’t you offer these special offers once a month in the shop instead, would be much easier!!!

I’m beyond frustrated!!! I leveled up to a 10. Got a one time offer for $4.99. It had over $29,000 coins in it and $500 dollars. I had cash AND a stable internet connection. Everything you all suggest. You can not buy anything like that from the store. But guess what? Offer gave me a freaking error code and disappeared. (I screen capped it too hoping I could get help) I came here and According to these posts though, it’s gone for good and there’s nothing they can or even want to do about accepting my money now. This company CLEARLY wants to make money from it’s players but when you actually try to spend it on something that could help game play in a way that actually helps the player…NOPE!!! What a joke. All I see from support is “we understand your frustration…” but you obviously don’t or this error or glitch would have been fixed over 30 days ago when these messages started appearing in the forums. I’m so mad I don’t want to spend another penny.

I don’t even get the 1 time offers anymore. Only got em for the first 2 level ups. Playing on iOS

Same problem here. In my case, the game crashes when I try to buy the one time offer.
Fix please, I tried three times already and I cant pay for it

Me too. Every level up = crash app

I lost out on my level 9 one time offer because it crashed… it took forever to get there and I had been waiting days for the chance and boom! Gone.

Something similar just happen to me while leveling up. Also, another time my phone crashed when I leveled up in the battle arena and I lost the one time offer.

After every lvlup i have crash and cannot use “one time offer” :confused: What to do? Can i get back theese one time offers???

Edit: Before i lost my progress from not my foult special offers from lvlup was working. Now only on arena it works :frowning:

Had the same happen toble once… and it was a good one for like the low price of 2 dollars. It sucks :confused:

I just became level 8 as well and went for the level up incubator as I’ve done a number of times before and this time after the payment was made, it just took me back to the map and no incubator showed up. Support team there’s got to be something you can do right?

does anyone know if this is like clash royale where if you miss an offer, drop an arena and then get back the offer will appear again?