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One time offer 8.99


Okay I paid for this as it offerd just over 2000 in cash, after the purchase I was 86 short of 2500 need to purchase the incubater so I went on earn free cash started to down load the app that would give me 89 cash.

However all of a sudden £1000 of my cash has disappeard. Leaving me with just over 1200. Now I not being funny but I wouldn’t pay 8.99 for 1000 cash. So who do I need to email to sort this before I call my bank for a refund.


At the top right of this forum there is a link to the support.
In the support FAQ you can find help for most problems.
And at the top right of the FAQ pages is a link to contact the support.


Hey, Dragonspire1976, we see that Lachi has already given you a helpful response, and that you may have already gotten in touch with our support team, but if not you can reach us at, and we will be glad to help you figure out what happened with your in-game currency. Thanks!