One time offer close out during purchase


I realize that it saved me money I don’t need to be spending, but wth? I tried to purchase the one time level up pack and the app closed out in the middle and when I get back in the offer is gone and of course I didn’t get it.

(So far nothing is showing a charge for it either, but it’s still annoying.)


If you go ahead and submit a ticket to Ludia’s customer support, they can get this investigated for you and there have been cases, where they were able to trigger the offer to reappear.

But just be aware that support is taking up too 2 weeks to reply to people due to a vast amount of support tickets being submitted. So just be patient with their support and they will try and help you as soon as possible.

You can find their support here:


Hey Tricia_Byrne, I’m sorry that you missed out on the one time offer. I can understand that it’s disappointing, but there’s not much our team can do about getting that offer back since they disappear once you leave the game. More of these offers will show up again just by playing the game so check out this thread here and see how you can prepare yourself for the next offer: One time level up offer glitched



I have sent them a notice, but I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue too. Or is it ‘just me’?


I’ve read posts from other players who have had the same problem before. It’s just one of those things, which can happen with any form of game on mobile, table, PC, Mac and consoles.


I know I wish it stayed there for 24h like on Clash of Clans I had the special offer since I just upgraded my Town Hall and I had no money on my iTunes but I had some time to go out and get it but here Its if you don’t have money on your iTunes then sucks to be you