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One Time Offer Incubators..Are they work it?


Hello JWA peeps. I am curious to know if anyone purchases the one time offer incubator s that are offered when you either level up or reach a new battle arena level?
If so, are they worth it? I keep passing up, but now that I am playing more often and getting caught up in the game, I am wondering if I should purchase next one.


Personally I think that nothing in this game worth the price.

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I’m a F2P player, and recently hit level 20. I’ve never bought an OTO. Obviously this puts me at a disadvantage to people who do buy them or pay for VIP, but it’s all about how much you want to get out of the game, and how quickly you want to progress. My alliance all seem to think the OTOs were the cat’s pajamas, so someone thinks they’re worth it.

But again, I haven’t paid a cent and I’m level 20, just over 5000 trophies, with 5 uniques, and I’ve played since beta. So take from that what you will.


Level up oto are the best value offers in the game. Arena offers are mehhh. But level offers are mint. I personally bought them all. Don’t regret it


In terms of “worth”, they are a good value compared to purchasing coins at the regular price. If you do purchase coins or plan to in the future, the OTO are of decent value for the coins and bucks you receive.

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Oto is like a shortcut for me, as u only need to think abt getting dna n lvling up the dinos u want, n not have to spend so much time gathering coins.


Thank you for the feedback all. I guess it all comes down to patience and control. When trying to level up a good Dino, and you need DNA or coins it’s easy and compelling to buy one. It’s good to know that one can get to level 20 without buying anything. Maybe I’ll try and have more control.

Thanks again everyone


They are far too expensive. If they were around £10/$10 then they would be and more people would buy them, netting Ludia more money.

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I’d never bought any and then when I got to level 16 decided, whatever, I’ll go for it (because it was less than £2). Honestly…not worth it. Never again.


It takes sooo much time to level up the better dinosaurus so I usually buy the Oto. Probably it’s Ludia’s plan to earn more money