One time offer price goes back down?

Hey guys. If I’m correct, I remember reading a post where after so many declines the one time level up offers go back to start from 1.99 again. Is this correct? I can’t do the 49.99 ones and I’ve declined I believe 4 of them now :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

That’s something I have never heard of, and also highly doubt.

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Yeah I wasn’t sure. I just thought I remembered someone’s post where they said they declined several then when the next one was coming up they moved some finances around because they really wanted the coins and Dino bucks and low and behold, it was 1.99.

Don’t think so.

By the way, if you would have done the $9.99 deals, it’s time you accepted the $49.99 deal as you would have done it on the fifth ask and it’s 5 times as much

Yeah, it’s just easier to budget 10 bucks at a time instead of 50. I will probably cave on the next one tho, those coins and Dino bucks are so tempting! :joy:

I just levelled up to 15 and my one time offer was for £4.59 I think from what I remember they’ve all been that price since I bought my only one ages ago for I think £1.49

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