One time offer prices


So I levelled up to level 10 this morning. The one time offer was a bit of a joke £19.99!! F that! The prices for these are getting ridiculous!


Completely agree. I wish Ludia would realize they would sell a ton more or these incubators if they set realistic prices on them. For the price they are charging for a little DNA and some coins which barely advances you in the game at this point, you can buy an ENTIRE game on a major console.

Listen up Ludia! Set some prices that us normal people can afford!


By the way, £19.99 is nothing; the last 4 or 5 one time offers I’ve recieved were all 49.99 USD (£40ish). Seriously, I’d love to know who actually pays that for a mobile game.


Last 8 offers I rejected. I just want coins much cheaper than the standard price. I had no intention of playing for free but I’m no addict or whale.