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One time offer question

Has anyone had problem purchasing one time offer and it error. Where you able purchase it later? I was charge originally but it didn’t complete the transaction because it error.

If you were charged,you could try contacting support and they should be able to deliver the goods to your account.

My credit card show that pending transaction. But in itunes it not there. I did message support. So i will have wait and see what happens. Hopefully my credit card don’t get charged. Orherwise not look fowarding trying fix it.

If it shows as pending you will be fine for getting a refund , as they will actually be able to see that the item wasn’t delivered. Experienced the same thing on another game and was told that they can see item wasnt delivered, do i want to cancel for a refund?

Ihave yet to have a response to my complaint about not receiving my full one time reward , i provided the date and time ,only thing i recieved was a general reply about cheating…i paid my money, just want what was paid for it seems like i am being ignored!

If you genuinely never got the one time offer and you paid for it and they’re not responding to you I would contact apple/google play for a refund.

I’m not saying I didn’t receive any offer it was the very end which is the two epics that were supposed to be leveled up they both leveled and it showed them as leveled and I went to level up on the list and it showed them flashing green level up and it just would not allow me when I went to hit it it kept saying not enough DNA which was it right cuz they’re clearly was plenty

IMessage supports you know they wanted the time and the date of the purchase which I looked up and send and like I said in the previous message all I got was some generic reply about cheating blah blah blah

Hey Sweethartrose, I’m sorry to hear that you were having some issues trying to purchase the one-time offer. Sadly, since these type of offers disappear once you leave the game, our team won’t be able to make that specific offer appear again on their end. However, if you were charged and you didn’t receive the offer, our team would be happy to assist you once they get to your ticket.

At this time charge is pending. So will see what happens. But I’m sadly to say. This is last time I’m buying from ludia , including VIP .