One Time offers are rly unfair!

It makes No sense that we have so little time to buy a one time offer. I didnt have enough money on my account so I went to Get some more money but it was too late, Its really unfair I just missed the cheapest epic incubator:-/


I‘ve been in that situation two times: one time offer showed up but I didn‘t have enough money.

Know what I did? I just let the side with offer opened, left the app and got some money on my iTunes account. Then I returned to the app, waited until I had back the connection and then bought it.

Once you tap on No, the offer will be gone. But as long as you‘re not tapping it, it will stay there and won‘t vanish when you return after a while.

Well that‘s how it‘s been for me and sometimes it took me like 2-3 h to get the money. :sweat_smile:
Meant that in that time I couldn‘t play.

When I did that, I returned and it said that there is an error so I Lost the incubator. Happened like 4 times.

Oh ok that‘s…different from what I‘ve experienced. Weird. :thinking:

Wow, this makes me glad I just do google play/credit card 1-tap pay direct…so I’m glad to have never had this problem because those 1 time offers are awesome.

Awesome but expensive.

Yeah they aren’t cheap but sadly IF you don’t get it you’ll get stuck in the battle arena really quickly and just get frustrated with the game. The guy who introduced me to the game is playing less nowadays in fact because he says he’s ‘saving his phone’ from destruction because with the battles he’s getting whipped so he’ so mad he feels like throwing his phone against the wall…so he’d rather cut down playing before anything that drastic happens.

We all have the same chance to buy or not buy or mess up an offer. What is the deal with every 3rd post on this board using the word “unfair” for everything. Is there a required minimum for daily use of the word “unfair” on this board that I do not know about?


X D went through 50 posts and seen 0 “unfair” words so I dont understand what’s your problem XD

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It goes on forever.


XDDD posts from months ago:-) Oh no once a month someone writes the same word in the title HOW COULD YOU

Sorry I didn’t order them by date. Anyway, as you can see this place uses the word unfair at a rate that can only be matched by a grade school sandbox. It’s tiring.

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Y’all got to admit, one time only deals are kinda biased to people who have money/time to burn though

Yes. Ferraris and yachts are unfairly accessible to the poor also.

Way to compare apples to oranges

How so? You can either afford them or you cannot. You are owed neither. That’s not bias, it’s standard commerce.

Just do what I used to, hold off on leveling up until you can pay for the OTO.

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Here’s the thing though, people who want somthing like a Mosasaurus after failing to unlock them in the tournament either
A. don’t have the money
B. Do have the money, but don’t want to spend 60$ on a virtual creature in a damn mobile game

Where as most people would drop money on a Yacht or a Lambo or something like that

Not if they

A: Don’t have the money


B: Do have the money, but don’t want to spend $$$$ on something they can get a similar service from cheaper.

You completely missed the the point