One time offers


Are the one time offers for leveling up worth it?


That’s subjective. Do you think they are worth it? IMO some are and some aren’t. I had a really good one leveling up to 7 but saw it dissappear because I had to login my paypal, which was very unfortunate… the rest didn’t seem worth it to me. But again, it’s a personal view on the value of your money


If youve got the money and are willing to spend it, yes, it is worth it. Yes, its very expensive, but if you have the money and enjoy the game, it is worth it. But again, it is indeed VERY expensive lol wish they would drop prices but oh well


I bought them all until they got to 10euros and then I stopped buying them. They are not worth it as it’s a mobile game and not a triple A PC title.


The things in this game are so overpriced that even when the 4x value level up offers come along I still don’t think they’re good value for money.

However, if you are happy with the prices in game then yes, the offers are definitely worth it though.