One Time Reward for over 3500 rank after reset


We recognize the effort it took to get over 3,500 Trophies and will be reaching out to these players individually with a one-time reward for their achievements.

I was at 4,200 rank and didn’t receive anything. When is this supposed to be happening? Did anyone else receive this one time reward yet?


It’ll come at some point during the week, as they have stated before.


I have not yet, either. So for my “hard work,” I am going to be giving them money?


I saw another thread like mine AFTER I posted this and I tried to delete my thread but it won’t let me. I had read another thread that wasn’t nearly as detailed by a Community Manager. Then I saw the other thread and the link to the detailed post about Season 1 of the Tournament was linked there.

Thanks for the replies!

P.S. I received my gift (Epic Incubator) earlier this afternoon.