One trophy from Lockwood Estate

So this is how my battling session today ended. And it’s the highest number of trophies I’ve ever reached.


Early congratulations to you, @IFK8! Hopefully, you’ll get that one extra trophy soon and unlock a new Arena.

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Congrats on the personal best! Not trying to be negative, once you’re in you’ll probably bounce back and forth between the two arenas for a while. It happens to all of us. In my opinion you’re at the best place to be right now. I wish I could bounce between Ruins and Lockwood, they’re the two best looking arenas.

Same here
1 short


Congrats mate!! Awesome!

Someone can tell me, how many bills i need to buy the exclusive offer incubator, when going up to the LockWood Estate?

I don’t believe such a thing exists. I reached Lockwood before boosts and had no such offer. Are you thinking of the special offer when you level up?

There is an arena exclusive when entering new arena which uses hard cash in game I believe and when you level up there is one for real money. I cant remember the cost of the lockwood one

Exactly, that’s what I mean

From memory it was rather a lot.

Something close to 5000 Dino bucks