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One trophy wins with update? Or is this a glitch?



I’ve only been playing for a few months, but work hard at getting my Dinos as strong as possible, as well as use the best strategies possible with what I’m limited to. I feel like things have really gotten messed up with the new update, or the update is a downgrade.

Since the update went through, my butt is being whooped in the arena. Now, mind you, I’m used to this, because I don’t have the money (like really life money - I’m currently disabled and cannot work) to spend on a game to beef up my team as well as those people who actually have the resources to subscribe and get stronger and better Dinos. However, I was at least able to get some trophies if I won a game (and trust me, with the level of dinosaurs I have, I’ve gotten pretty good at beating other stronger teams - I’ve even beat I-Rex from time to time with just my basic team). Now, however, with the new matching algorithms and rewards systems, I’ve obly been able to get ONE trophy for winning a good game, but lose 30 or so when losing. Is this a glitch? Or is this how it’s going to be from now on (please say no LOL!)

Winning? +1. Losing? -50+
What the heck is up with the new battle scoring?
I earned 1 trophy for winning

Welcome to Jurassic world alive, glitches bugs and cheaters are on hand and on demand.


Just wondering… do you have a ballanced team to battle or 1or 2 dino’s at a much higher level then the rest of your team?

This is from metahub:
Now, stacking your team with one unique when everything else is level 10 means your overall matchmaking score is going to be higher, which means even if you DON’T draw that level 21 Erlidominus, you’re still going to be matched with teams who have an average team level of… say… 15 instead of 10… because you had it on your squad when you tried to battle. So while this probably makes dropping arenas harder (trying to find someone at 5000 trophies who is also using a team with a really low team score) it may be a problem for those who unlocked a unique much earlier than normal progression – via some event.


I’m working towards a balanced team, but that’s very hard when you’re stuck in a part of the Area where there are only a select few species (and not great ones for the arena at that), PLUS - how on earth is my team supposed to be perfectly balanced if the only dinosaurs I have a chance at winning a battle with are extremely rare as I work my way up in the arenas? It’s not like I’m going to win any battles with a team consisting of a suchomimis, anky gen 2, apatosaurus, and monolophosaur gen 2… and even then these are only at level 10-13. I rarely if ever see anything in my area other than dinos like these - I almost never see more powerful commons like Trikes and Stegos where I’m from.

My team is relatively balanced overall, too. I have 3 level 11, and the rest are level 14-17. I don’t really have any other Dinos to throw in the mix to help out my team. I’m really scratching my head as to why Ludia changed the way they match. I get that it wasn’t ideal in the first place, but this new “make a perfectly balanced team” is kinda unrealistic when you can’t find half the dinosaurs you need. They make it sound so easy, but it’s not, and since I’ve been so ill, I’ve actually had spare time to work on my team as much as possible despite my limitations.

I’m not angry or anything - I take my wins and losses and like a good challange (I don’t enjoy winning games where I feel like it’s too easy), just a little confused is all, especially over the one trophy wins after all that hard work. That makes no sense at all. Thankfully, this is just a game, and the fact that I get to play it for free right now when I’m recovering is a huge blessing. Sometimes I just need to get my mind off my circumstances, and dinosaurs certainly help with that :blush:


It’s difficult when you are not able to travel. Maybe the different dino’s that spawn on a certain day of the week will help you. Not all dino’s are in it, but for example ankylosaurus will have increased spawns on Sunday and procerathomimus on tuesday and tanycolagreus on Thursday. And they can spawn in your direct surroundings.


I see what you’re saying, but the rarer dinosaurs I have that I’ve unlocked are mostly created or collected over time. I’m in arena 4 and didn’t get my first epic until I reached arena 4 I think. I had to battle through some pretty gnarly matches to get where I’m at. For the longest time I dreaded facing sinos. It took a lot of time and patience to really learn how to beat a higher level epic like a sino using my team. I didn’t get my first sino or Rexy until recently - I don’t play with my rexy due to the fact she’s too slow at the moment. My sino is just a level 11, but I’ve been facing much higher level sinos and other epics since my first days in the arena. So, no, I don’t think I got any really powerful creatures too early on. I’ve been progressing at a fairly even pace overall as far as I can tell.


I’m not the one to give advice on which dino’s are good in the lower arena’s but i do know that in that week scedual are some dino’s that are pretty good in the arena. I have procerathomimus at my team and like it a lot. And Tany I’ve faced in opponent teams and it can do loads of damage.


I’m pretty sure the one/two point wins/losses is by design, and it’s pretty much what I expected for underdog/overdog matches once 1.7 went live. I did not expect, however, to see the HUGE points variance. I won 56, then lost 59 and 50 to stat-boosted opponents with lower-level dinos. The climb back was 1,2,6,50,10, etc. Terrible.

I’ve been proposing various redesigns of the points and matchup algorithms for the last eight months, and in all my concepts/math, I could see that there would be a period of normalization as overall trophy counts adjusted to boost lower-level/high-skill players, and brought higher-level/lower-skill battlers down. Today, though, the battle system is a hot mess.


Well, the algorithm Ludia is using isn’t working anyways. We were supposed to not be matched up against teams much stronger than ours, so I downgraded my team because it was “uneven” (barely)… and now I’m having my team of mediocre dinos face teams well above my teams strength. Needless to say, I’ve been struggling more than ever before in the arenas. Hopefully this will all get sorted out. Sometimes big changes need major tweaking. At least it’s still fun to play, despite the adjustments and the painful big losses and tiny gains (I do feel like I’m being punished for all the hard work I put into my team… but I’m sure that wasn’t Ludias intent).

BTW - game development is a tough job, and I am impressed with what Ludia has designed overall. I’m sure they want their gamers to be happy, to, so hopefully they will listen to constructive feedback.


Now you’ll all feel the pain of this trophy system. This has been happening for months but mostly just to higher ranks apparently. Brace yourselves because this is gonna be a common thing now.

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What? How is this possible?


Keep in mind, only half the player base can even get into the game right now.

You got matched up against someone way below you in trophies (possibly an arena dropper) and you got little reward.


What I mean is people who dropped arenas are now getting matched up against teams of similar strength. So if you fought a dropper, you won’t get much for the win because of the big difference in trophies.


You had a much higher team score then your opponent. Because of this you only recieved 1 trophy for the win.


i saw that, he had a level 17, and he was at 2079


Lvl 17 for 2k trophies is kinda low these days.


I am also having the same problems, matched with people way above me or similar level. Only gain 1 trophy each win, but loose anywhere from 25-38 trophies each loss. This has only happened since the update. I believe this is a big bug in the game and not from people dropping trophies, because I am at the correct arena level for my level and Dino abilities.


Hello everyone. Is anyone experiencing what I am when battling after the update?
When I lose I’m generally losing more than 50 trophies. But when I win I get between 1-3 trophies. I got 54 trophies once but that was when I played vs. a team of 29-30 dinos when my current team avg. is 27.
The rest of my wins have not been so easy either. They’ve maybe been against team levels of 25-26 but even then I should be getting more than 1-3 trophies? Im not even winning 3-0. Its more like 3-2. It’s frustrating to say the least. Comments?


Yeah, similar experience, I think the matchmaking is all screwed up. I’ve won 1, 8, 58 and 59 in just a handful of battles since the patch went live. Whereas I could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve won <10 or >50 before today.

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That literally JUST happened to me. I won 1 trophy. But I think the opponent lost connection because they stopped playing. So I figured that had something to do with me only winning 1 trophy bc it wasn’t a fair match.