One use extended drone battery: Suggestion


Please add a one time use extended battery you can instantly purchase for $1, $2 or $3 when launching to get DNA. Have it extend distance another 50 meters. This way non VIP members can reach 200 meters and VIP members can reach 250 meters.

There are those occasions, stuck at work at a desk and something you really want pops up and it is just a hair too far out of reach and I can’t just go walking outside and off the property. Nobody knows I"m even playing this game while working because I keep the screen to the dimmest setting. Occasionally I do get up and go to one side of the building or the other but keep that to a bare minimum.

Even though you don’t get much time at the far distance to get much DNA. A little DNA is better than nothing.


Haha lovely mate! Well a some in game cash would work Nice for that? Or perhaps upgrade drone fange but less time


Perhaps there could be different settings for the drone. For example, below the “Launch” button would be 3 settings: The 1st one is less range (100m) but more time to collect DNA, the 2nd one is the default setting and the 3rd one is more range (200m) but less time. You would simply select which one you want to use before pressing “Launch”.