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One way to look at boosts 2.0

At least everyone is so busy screaming bloody murder about their boosts that no one has the time to complain about the new dodge mechanics - which I think are AWESOME.

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My Erlidom agrees.

In what way did they alter dodge? im a little behind on the changes :stuck_out_tongue:

Both indos are loving the change.

the dodge chance got upped to 75%, making it as reliable as stun. damage mitigation is the same.

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Capt. Chaos says rawr.


And sidestep works every time, so you only ever take 1/3 of the damage of whatever attack your opponent uses. Unless it’s a nullify attack I suppose, but you know what I mean… or a precise…

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Ahh nice to see they improved dodge again, always a middle ground to be found between effectiveness and uselessness.

So dodges are viable again im gathering?

Indeed they are. Very.

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Good to hear ^_^, while I was in support of ending massive dodging streaks, I also didnt wanna see the mechanic made pointless either. Good change!

@Arnold made a topic about it. He isn’t a fan. Lol

yeah once the dust settles itll be the mobs first priority

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Im ok with this change but i do think their are a few individuals that need to be looked at in regards to how strong they are… but they need to leave the mechanic alone…

It allows a good amount of counter play…

Dodges have become worse for the game in my opinion. I feel like they are more OP than when they started, what makes the previous change pointless. Only had 4 failed dodges in more than 10 matches using ES or/and Cloak. That’s more than 20 turns! And since most of their users are immune (or at least immune to stuns), nullifiers are essential in the selected team now or you’re probably screwed…

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Hmm, maybe I should replace L30 Thor with L30 Indoraptor! :wink: After all, the L22 Indo on my second account did this with bare minimum (1-1-1) boosts. Opponent was also boosted and had a level 23 Indoraptor as their last dino.

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I would surely do that… Indoraptor went from a bait dino in my team to one of the strongest now… I’ve beaten Thors with it, withstanding DSI, DSR and IC! When my original intention was to only dodge once to hit it with the Rampage.

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I just screenshot my old message about it. Cannot be bothered to type it again lol

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Totally agree

Some dinos take advantage of the 75% in a bad way, but other dinos will take advantage in a good way. Indo g2 is an example of that bad exploit. However, smiloceph and smilodon can make good use of it. I’d actually like to make a list of who exploits this new change and who it benefits.

Done! Took the 2-2-1 boosts off Thor and applied what was left to Indoraptor, so it’s currently 1-1-0 until I earn more speed boosts.

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