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One week later: How did the uniques influence arena?


Might be interesting to hear what has change since then. Have you won trophies? Have you lost trophies? Do you think it helped the game to become more interesting? Are you in low/mid/high arena?

I lost a few trophies, but I am still pretty close to where I was before. Still I’d say it had quite a big influence on mid lvl arena battling, like 4k+. Many people had already been working on uniques and were able to finish them. This means you face way more uniques than you faced before. Especially vips have benefited from the event, I guess. I focused creating and leveling one dino (Erlidom), which is quite a beast now.

One week later it’s hard to say whether the game benefited from the event. Kind of a double-edged sword. What do you think?


I had to pass on erlidom, just wasn’t in the cards to get it close to team level. I did get Tryko up to a 25 though and made a dent in getting Thor to a 29. I posted yesterday regarding the players that put my team to shame disappearing and maybe the event is the reason why. I am just over 5000, but was over 5300 a few weeks ago. Happy that it is fun battling again and hope to get back where I was :grinning:


I make it to Aviary, but I was around 4200 trophies before the event, so dont know how much new dinos affect that trophies count


I didn’t move (still 4300),i don’t use uniques
But in lockwood now,uniques are floodings,before you saw stegodeus,trago and now they are replace by the tyrants uniques.


Alot more tryko and erlidom my trophies have took a big hit


Players who made the best of the event are at the same place or a bit better. Player who slept through it are feeling the pain. Everyone facing more challenging teams.


What do you mean by cheese? How did they use that to catch spoofers? @David_Courtney


What is dart cheating?


How do you run Procerathomimus against Thor? That IC move seems like it willl cause a lot of problems for Proc


I thought I knew almost nothing about why people were banned. Clearly I know less than that. Seems I’ll need to delete the post.


I have to say I’m seeing a lot more Proceratho and Erlidom in Lockwood right now, it’s chaos :joy:


It’a a cloak/evasive fest.
I’d say 50% of my battles are determined by whoever has the most Erlidom, Indo, Tryko, and Dracoceratops in their lineup.
How does it influence me? I’m going to adapt by adding Monostegotops to my team as soon as I get it to an end game level in an attempt to reduce the RNG factor and swing odds to my favor.
Will it help? Who knows.
Relevant to Aviary 4500-5000 trophies.

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When players get the ingredients of the uniques to level 20 and they are capable to level the uniques up, the arena will become normal again, but it may take months.
I have 3 uniques before the event and since I could not find enough Tryko to dart, I could unlock Dioraja but I have benched her. So I am not buffed by the event. My trophy range was about 4500-4650 before the event but now I am 4400-4600.


Well, if truth be told, the arena is much harder now with mid- to high-level Erlidoms and Trykos… And a lot more dependent on RNG… I focused exclusively on Erlidom during the event, cause was 160/250 from unlocking it and managed to get it to level 25… Figured it would be better to have one medium-level unique than two low-level ones… I was hovering at 5.2k prior to the event, now hovering between 5.0 - 5.1k… So, not a huge difference, but definitely harder won battles…


Hard to say if it’s been because of the uniques, or because of the tournament ending, but I’m up in trophies. I unlocked tryko and erlidom, both are 23, low end for my team, but are good enough to hold their own.