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One year anniversary

So one year anniversary is few days ahead. I hope Ludia didn’t forget about it and planning something big or good for next week. But in the end Ludia is hopeless so don’t expect too much from them.


Probably another unique week


I’m hoping they have something cool planned too. Fingers crossed


Anniversaries have been removed from the schedule to maintain arena balance


So mod wants me to edit my post. Did I write something wrong or offensive? :thinking:

No celebration unfortunately. They released next week’s dino showcase and events.

It’s a shame they haven’t planned anything for the anniversary, they need to remember if it weren’t for the players then the game would be dead…

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So nothing to be celebrate. Just a normal week except 4 epic strike tower and irritator… I’m sure they don’t even remember it :grin:

No way next week is totally awesome!

As a player I’m extremely excited and if this is all they do for thier anniversary I’m dagum happy.

And on the plus it’s not another god forsaken st. Paddy day massacree

Community been begging for some of these Dino’s for a long time! Kentrosaurus dude kentrosaurus and you all like meh it’s trash?
Rare irritator! And enough attempts at lions to really help the new players and your meh about it?


My anniversary was in March. Didn’t get a special week :sweat_smile:

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Next time get married on opening day of game :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Well glad someone is happy with the week. Wish you good luck.

Thanks. And yup I’m so stoked…

Carno spino kentrosaurus!


I was talking about my game anniversary hahaha

They took out a friggin single Tentonto event. I don’t see Ludia doing anything special.


I don’t think they will let us dart uniques in a long time.


With boosts its for the best… i created dilo last week… already have it with more health then a 24 and more damage then a 26.

In a world with boosts creation needs to be a roadblock.

Still holding out hope for an anniversary coin sale.


No special event for World wide release anniversary ? May 23.

Please no… ahhh