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One year with JW-TG (progress)

It seems that one year of playing JWTG is behind me. It’s been a year of really good fun, year of anticipation, celebration, frustration, happiness… all of that. And grinding, grinding, grinding… not to forget :wink:
It is more than obvious that I wouldn’t accomplish nothing near of what I did if it wasn’t for this Forum and this community of good people: enthusiasts who are living this game and are willing to share every bit of the knowledge they acquired with other members.
I can only thank you ALL for that and encourage you to remain the same!

Probably the most valuable resources I’ve found here were Sionsith’s tutorial videos and that lovely Dino data spreadsheet made by Mary_Jo. But it would be unfair to say that other members contribution was less valuable to me.

I wanted to share my current lineup with you as one year anniversary is a good cause for little bit of retrospective, I guess… :slight_smile:

From the beginning I paid the most attention to ferocity balance and depths of my roster and I think I managed to do that so far. I don’t struggle with PvEs nor with tournaments - nor do I suffer of lack of available creatures during those intensive days which are putting our roster to the test.

Again, thank you all for your help and support and I hope we will continue sharing good and bad moments this game puts in front of us! :muscle: :+1: :metal:
Here are my creatures (with level above VIP 20):


That is really good progress for a year, well done.


Thanks! It means a lot to hear it from the master :wink:


really interesting set up


This is really nice progress, can I ask how many of those rajastegas were from modded @filip1971?

Also really like the setup you’ve done with the amphibians, specially the koolasaurus with the one up ahead and the 30s for back up, may do this myself as they’re quite cheap.


This is an amazing lineup. Seeing this reminded me how I am still at the bottom of the ladder despite how much my lineup has improved in this week :D.


Believe it or not: all but one rajastegas were from modded! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I have never bought any (except for the first one which I fused, of course).
As for amphibians: at ferocity of 9500 there are still plenty options to have amphibians at the same ferocity as Indoraptors. I even forced couple of Prestos to the level 40, even if leveling VIP’s to lvl 40 doesn’t usually make much sense - all because I like to have balanced roster. After the next ferocity jump most of my amphibians will have insane cooldown times so I don’t really look forward to that… :slight_smile: But for now it works OK.


Well, I guess we are all at “the bottom of the ladder” in comparison with someone else, right? :wink:
But progressing is what gives us satisfaction, right? At least that’s the best part in my case: making progress no matter how small as it means you are going at the right direction