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Ongoing bugs

Some bug reports:

Fallen Bowmaster - can attack any enemy, despite taunt. I routinely get two party members that are not taunted targeted with the attack that heals damage. Description of attacks says it targets one enemy, plus one random enemy. First enemy should be the taunted opponant, but this is not the case.

Halbenet - ring of healing says when hit, it heals 75% or the attacks damage. However in battle I am noticing he heals more than the damage done. Recently I hit Halbenet for 700+ damage and watched him heal 1100+ damage. It seems he is healing 75% of his damage, not the damage done via attack.

Rust Monsters - still causing debuffs to ranged attacks. I have confirmed since the bug update that this has happened with Shevariths helmet attack, and Faridehs Hunger of Hadar attack. Both Ranged attacks via their descriptions.

First two i have reported to support, and am awaiting response. I will report the third once the first two are acknowledged.