Ongoing hybrid pursuits issue

Dear Ludia,

I want to take the chance to thank you for acknowledging the issues and concerns raised by GamePress in their latest open letter (acknowledgment post & GP open letters).

After reiterating your will of a better communication, I feel there is a need to address a very important topic that is according to many veterans building a lack of trust when not a feeling to be cheated and which is the continuous issues and spawns disparities observed with the hybrid pursuits.

Firstly, when the pursuits isn’t live or working as it should be, this needs to be communicated immediately to the community and addressed as top priority. We have had too many pursuits that went live way later down the week (Meiolania is the latest example that was activated only as of Thursday, ) while the team staying completely silent despite the number of reports received.

Then, we need more transparency on it as they are huge spawns disparities between dinosaurs displayed in pursuits while sharing the same rarity. The most glaring example is the current Proceratosaurus pursuit that is spawning at an insane rate. To put it into numbers, I have darted twice more Proceratosaurus in an hour of hunt under Giga scent than during the entire Titanoboa Gen2 week while burning through +70 rare scents & 25 Gigas. I was actively hunting to max Andrewsarchus for a tournament during that week hence these numbers. The support team confirmed the pursuit was working as intended and the spawns were boosted as they should be. They even went until sending an extract of my Titanoboa Gen2 darting logs confirming that I have darted 18 of them over the whole week (November 2nd until November 9th) and confirmed it was way higher than my average encounters on previous weeks…
Many Veterans that are used to go after these pursuits felt that Titanoboa Gen2 was mistaken for its epic version and set with such spawning odds during the pursuit. This was immediately shared with the support team after the first day but they confirmed it was boosted as intended. I think we all agree this huge disparity obviously can’t be explained by RnG alone.

We can understand if you decide to give different boosted odds regarding the dinosaur’s DNA exclusivity during a pursuit but we need transparency on it. Many players even the hunting driven ones have stopped going after these pursuits because of that lack of transparency and the continuous different odds from a pursuit to another even among same rarities. This is a feature that should lead players to actively purchase scents and something the hunting driven players were enjoying but instead they are giving up on them because they are feeling cheated and this is building up negativity.

You are displaying the odds in incubators and themed scent due to the European legislation in order for these items to not be considered as slot machines.
Correct me if I’m wrong but we know that the pursuit spawns are replacing global spawns. Why don’t do the same and communicate/display the odds the pursuit spawn has to replace a global one of the same rarity and set a pattern ? You can set a different one regarding the DNA exclusivity if you want to and we know there I will always be the RnG element. Nevertheless, the important thing is to be informed, have a clear pattern in order to make a deliberate decision to go after a pursuit or not and take away these disparities from a pursuit to another that have no rational explanation.

Many Vetrans think this will help in making pursuits enjoyable again, thus increasing sales without any additional risk for the company.

We are looking forward to hear your thoughts on the subject.


Lol I’m not sure if you noticed but on the jurrasic world alive twitter account they said that the Proceratosaurus will be spawning more than usual hybrid pursuit rates

So they did inform us that this week will be different


They say that every pursuit. This time it’s super obvious, but I know for a fact that there have been pursuits of similar rarities with lower spawn rates. Whether it’s intentional or not, it’s noticable. And when we point out discrepancies, we are told everything is okay. We are asking that they take those reports seriously and actually look into them instead of just saying they are working. Or if the spawn rate is actually lower to be upfront about it.

i think they just multiply the spawn rate by like 5 times and set it to global for a week so it was a global making it spwan twice as much as most globals and then another 5 times, bassically multiplying it by 10 times the amount it usually is, aka making a rare more common than a common

I think they increased the Spawn rate to avoid the “not seeing enough Procerato” complaints on their vacation.

One thing I can say for sure is they can’t increase the spawn rate of one creature without decreasing other.